10 New Date Ideas (Most Of Them Free!)

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For most of us, all date ideas will have been exhausted one year into dating. Couples often fall into a rut, and are unable to extricate themselves from the monotony of repetition. The other parts of our lives are mundane enough, so why not inject some variety and spice into our dating lives through bringing a larger number of activities into rotation?

In case you’re too worn out from work to think of any, here are some suggestions for you!

#1: Watch a foreign film at Alliance Française


I know, I know, what’s the difference between watching a film you downloaded or rented for yourself at home, and watching one in a cinema? Well, for one, the ambience! Put yourself out there and get to enjoying one – I promise it will be a refreshingly unique experience! Movies are $7 for members and $9 for non-members.

#2: Have a picnic at a rooftop garden


Given the myriad of malls in Singapore, I’m sure you’ll be spoilt for choice. I personally prefer Esplanade Roof Terrace – the views are crazy romantic. Pack finger food – cheese cubes, croissants, grapes and sushi – nothing too fussy. Remember to bring paper towels and beverages too! The cost of a picnic is relatively low, depending on your personal tastes! However, if you do adhere to the rough menu laid out above, the picnic will only set you back about $25 for the both of you!

#3: Poetry slams [FREE]


If you fancy yourself the artistic, creative sort, this is for you! There are several poetry open mics held regularly at Blu Jaz and other bars – and some of these are even free. If you’re feeling brave (or can tap on reserves of liquid courage), you may even sign up to recite your amorous feelings via a carefully crafted sonnet!

#4: Themed dates

The theme can be anything, really. The best part of themed dates is that there are so many available options! You’ll find yourself not only spoilt for choice, but also being able to conjure up a new plan for a date without exercising much creativity. I personally love doing themed dates after festivals – basically, you pick your favourite festival and celebrate it, regardless of the date!


For Mid-Autumn festival, for example, buy some cheap paper lanterns, candles and a few sparklers, and go relive your childhood in the park. That will only be about $10, tops. The list of festivals goes on and on; you’ll definitely find something suitable to do!

#5: Open mics [FREE]


If you consider yourself a music buff, you may lament the fact that concerts roll around only once in a really long while. However, open mics are a feasible option. Several bars host open mic nights which you and your Significant Other can attend together. Aliwal Arts Centre even hosts free ones! Attend one and you may either find the next off-the-beaten-track indie gem, or the courage to get up there and perform!

#6: Create your own music [FREE]


There’s a reason why so many Youtube stars are dating within their circle – because there’s something about creation that brings people together. If you and your Significant Other are musically inclined and find enjoyment in performance, sing duets and upload them onto Youtube! Even if you can’t pluck up the courage to do so and your audience only consists of your pets and very supportive friends, at least you’ll be enjoying yourself.

#7: Stand for something [FREE]


If both of you are ardently passionate about the same issues in society, try activism! There are so many events to choose from – you can raise awareness for animal rights or volunteer with the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. If nothing catches your eye, establish your own organisation and plan events! You’ll suddenly find your dates a lot more productive and busy, but a lot more rewarding – this is quality time spent together!

#8: Attend an open lecture [FREE]

I know, this may sound like the most boring date on earth. But the pursuit of self-improvement has always been attractive. Why not seek to do so via expansion of your mind? Be sure to pick a topic that appeals to the both of you, in order to avoid falling asleep halfway through!

#9: Visit a museum  [FREE]


If you and your Significant Other are the artistic sort, you guys will love this idea, but even if you’re not, you can at least have pseudo-intellectual, pretentious conversation and laugh at and with each other! Most museums in Singapore offer free admission to all Singaporean citizens.

#10: Work out together [FREE]


Who says you have to let yourself once you’re in a relationship? You can arrange to work out together, and ensure that both of you stay fit! These sessions can be as affordable or as expensive as you want them to be – some of the Community Centre gyms in Singapore charge $2.50 per entry, and taking into account that you will be able to attain $100 in credit after registering as a member of ActiveSG, this works out to 40 free gym visits!

Despite all the above suggestions, remember this: dates should definitely be enjoyable, but you don’t necessarily have to plan them down to the nitty gritty details. Cramming purportedly fun activities into a date can be exhausting, and expecting constant exhilaration is unrealistic. Instead of that, why not just plan the bare bones, and wing the rest with a little spontaneity?


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