10 Perks of having a Boyfriend in the Army

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I’ve read many posts about how army guys should cherish girls who stays by their side throughout their army life; how girls must understand what the guys go through in camp and be thankful for each other and so on. But I’ve never come across anyone who has written about the perks of having a boyfriend in the army!

We all know the woes of having a boyfriend in the army. You’ll miss him so much you start to hate army as much as how Recruit Ken Chow from ABTM hated the army. However, look on the bright side and there’s always a silver lining somewhere. That’s why today I’ll be sharing the advantages of having a boyfriend who is serving the nation to encourage ladies to continue putting in effort to sustain their relationships even with their boyfriends in the army! Here it goes..

1. Ranks

You know the significance of ranks and different badges. You also learn what they have to go through in order to gain these badges.


As such, when you chance upon someone with the same badge/rank on his chest, you’d know what they went through to get it.

2. Impress the others

You can have a decent army conversation with your brother/father/uncles/friends and see their jaws drop as you mention words ( i.e. et blade) which they absolutely wouldn’t think that you know of it.

3. Cultivate patience

You learn that patience is a virtue because if you’re picking him up from his camp or waiting for him to book out, be prepared to wait up to a few hours. I was lucky because the longest I waited was around an hour and a half; my friend once waited for nearly 3 hours!

4. Cherish one another more

Time with him is much more cherished, weekends with him become a routine, and Saturdays are always dedicated to him. This also means that your schedule revolves around his free time. This is not a bad thing because even though you both spend lesser time together, these times are much more appreciated and looked forward to.

And of course, a subset of this is that you learn to manage your time better. Homeworks, projects, assignments are all done earlier so that you can have fun with your boyfriend when he books out and not worry about school/work stuff.

5. Surprises (yay!)

You get sweet surprises in the middle of the week if he has impromptu book-outs or night-outs. Imagine being able to meet your boyfriend after a long long dreadful day of school/work. You’ll get an instant mood-lift!

6. Interesting stories

You’ll get to listen to fresh new stories every week. I love listening to his army stories (I don’t get why some girls find it boring) because I find them very interesting! Plus I would like to know what he does in camp as well. And also, for old/mature couples who have been together for a few years or so, you may find that you and your partner have nothing much to talk about because you basically know everything about them. Thus the army stories do indeed facilitate conversations.

Over the span of my boyfriend’s army life, these stories progressed from complaints during BMT as a recruit to sufferings in OCS as an officer.

7. Watch him grow

You get to watch him grow, along with the stories. They always say that the boys do not become men until they’ve completed their national service and I agree.

I’ve watched my boyfriend grow from being a recruit to a cadet, to an officer. He became much more responsible, his temper improved immensely, and he takes better care of me! ^^

8. Girls?

You don’t have to worry if he’s seeing another girl outside because he has no time and is always in camp! hahaha


9. Milestone

When you complete the 2 years of army life together with him, it’s another milestone as a couple you both have unlocked! ^^

10. Events

Lastly, of course you get to attend events!


Passing Out Parade (POP)


Commissioning parade

Not to mention, social night and commissioning ball where you girls get to dress up!

That’s about it!

To the girls who have a boyfriend going to army soon, or a boyfriend currently serving his national service, do not give up on the relationship because having a boyfriend in the army can actually be pretty fun!

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