10 Profile Picture Myths Online Daters Believe Reflects Well Of Them…

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Here’s some advice from interviewing the experts of LunchClick, our dearest love assistants, who have been working hard day and night to assist you in putting your best profile forward:

MYTH 1 – “Double chin photos are sexy!”



Nope, double chin selfies of yourself ain’t sexy. Not everyone will look as suave and can pull off that double chin selfie like Benedict Cumberbatch did, so why take that risk?

MYTH 2 – “Profile pictures of me and my family makes me seem like a family person.”



Yes, we understand that you will like your prospect match to know how important your family is to you. However, displaying that family portrait will simply confuse your prospect match in identifying which is you!

MYTH 3 – “Blur selfies hide my flaws.”



At LunchClick, we encourage everyone to be real! We can definitely hide our flaws once, twice, but will you be able to hide it forever? Moreover, a flaw to you, may not be a flaw to your prospect match! So why not flash that pretty face of yours confidently (>.<)


MYTH 4 – “Group pictures make me look more appealing!”



Using your friends to make you stand out of the crowd ain’t that nice. We believe that your prospect match will prefer to also focus on you and only you, instead of a group of people whom he or she isn’t interested to find out more.

MYTH 5 – “Photos of me in ANT size makes me cool.”



We know that you’ve got a great body from all those trips to the gym, but what’s crucial in the online dating arena, is to showcase that good-looking face of yours. Selfies of yourself from shoulder up is recommended by our professionals.

MYTH 6 – “Looking to the left or right makes me look mysterious.”



Put yourself in the recipients shoes, did receiving those “side portrait pictures” make him or her look mysterious or just unrecognizable? Perhaps now you will think twice before taking that side portrait selfie!

MYTH 7 – “I look like a KPOP star with my sunglasses on!”



Putting on those fashionable sunglasses as you take those selfies do not make you a KPOP star or look like one. This will hide away those beautiful pair of eyes of yours. So show off those glistening eyes to the world today!

MYTH 8 – “My face looks smaller when the picture is taken in the dark.”



We all know the importance of contouring and shading when we take pictures. But sadly, taking selfies in the dark does not have the same effect as that; all it does is keep your pretty face hidden from all those matches. As we know that’s not what you want, so start taking those selfies preferably under white light!

MYTH 9 – “My reflection shows who i am inside…”



Yes, ladies will relate to this, we know that Mulan is awesome. But showing our reflection through a mirror selfie just shows the unappealing sides of us! A straight up selfie, with a proper frontal take, will show off every beautiful aspect of your features in clarity!

MYTH 10 – “My favourite food, pet, Brad Pitt, et cetera is my identity!”



No match would want to know you as your kitty, a hollywood star, or a packet of fries from a famous fast food chain. Number 10 is marked as THE DEFINITE “no no”, so to our dearest readers of our LunchClick blog, please update those profile pictures today (>.<)

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