10 Things Men Do That Women Love

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1) Good Morning & Good Night messages

It’s lovely to be able to receive good morning & good night messages from your partners, knowing that you are the first thing on their minds in the morning, and the last thing on their minds before they turn in. Besides, who wouldn’t smile with a text that goes, “Good morning Princess!” It kicks off your day with such a sweet start!

2) Being a gentleman

This may be highly underrated in modern society but… Who doesn’t love a gentleman? Opening doors for your lady, pulling out the chair for her at the restaurant, simple gentlemanly acts like these gets you plenty of brownie points, trust me! Go on guys, show us that chivalry is not dead.

3) Listen

Women appreciate it when men take the time and listen to what they have to say. Be it a rant about a bad day, or a problem that came up, just being able to talk about it and have it out of our system, provides us with a lot of relief. We don’t need you to solve our problems (unless openly stated), we just need a listening ear, really, that’s all.

4) Surprises

Of course I’m not talking about the dramatic gestures that are obviously impossible to maintain in the long run. I’m talking about spontaneity, and random (mini) surprises. Bring us to a new place, or throw us a surprise visit with our favourite food. Small little actions like these go a long way to bring a smile to us.

5) Cook

A way to our hearts… can also be through our stomachs! What’s sexier than a man who can cook? Throw on some manly apron and watch them do their thing in the kitchen. The kitchen is no longer a woman’s territory, guys. It’s yours to own too. This makes for a great couple activity to do too, by the way.

6) Compliment

Yes I know we don’t look 100% put together all the time but when we do, throw us a compliment our way. It boosts up our confidence tremendously with compliments coming especially from our loved ones. Which women wouldn’t love to be complimented too? 😉

7) Personal grooming

While no one is expecting a dapper put together look every day, but perhaps a good regime of personal grooming is a good telling of your character as a whole. Make sure you’re well groomed for a good first impression, and we all know what first impressions usually are. Important with a capital I!

8) Be yourself

There’s only one person you should be in your lifetime, and that is yourself. Cliché as it may sound; your loved ones should only ever truly love you for who you are. Of course we love it when you’re just being yourself, and not pulling a façade, because well. We. Can. Tell.

9) Honest
A fundamental of any relationship is honesty. To be open and honest with one another, builds trust, and trust opens up to more ways and opportunities to grow a healthy relationship. Don’t lie even about the small things. Cultivate a good habit of being truthful to pave the way for a strong relationship.

10) Driven

Ambition may take its form in many different ways. Ultimately, it is attractive when a man knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Have a plan, work towards it, and you can count on your lady to be supporting you while beaming with pride for you.


This is a guest post by Angela Maryann Lim http://angelamaryann.blogspot.sg/

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