15 dark thoughts we all have when we first meet our in-laws

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When your date brings up the topic of meeting each other’s parents, that’s when things get serious. Here’s what it’s like to meet your potential in-laws for the first time.

1. What If They Hate Me?


They don’t. They’ve never met you. But you can’t get that awful thought out of your head.

2. Need To Find The Perfect Outfit


There’s never an outfit that defines your true character and hints that you’re daughter-in-law worthy material.

3. I Don’t Know What To Say


Remember how your brain shuts down when you’re talking to your crush? Well, it completely dies when you have to keep up a conversation with their parents.

4. Holy Shit


Trying to put on your best behaviour seems like something you grew out of at 13, until you’re sitting on your future in-law’s living room couch and trying to remain composed.

5. They Hate Me


You’ll mistake every sideward glance as a glare and take every comment as a snide remark. It’s okay. It happens.

6. Am I Sweating Too Much?


Is the air conditioner broken? Or is it just really really hot in here?

7. I’m Not A Serial Killer


Did I just say I wanted to murder my English professor for that B grade? I didn’t mean that literally. Really.

8. No We Do Not Kiss


So … What do we do in our free time? Not kissing. Definitely not kissing.

9. Your Food Tastes Good


No your chicken isn’t burnt. Yes your broccoli tastes delicious.

10. When Will This End?


My face hurts from smiling. When can I go home?

11. Babies? What Babies?


When are we having kids? Nope, nope and nope.

12. Where Did We Meet?


Definitely not in a club. Definitely not whilst intoxicated.

13. Worth it?


Mentally calculating if your date is worth this night of horrors.

14. It’s Not That Bad


So, you survived. And your potential in-laws were all smiles and compliments while you were over for dinner. You convince yourself that that went well. Or did it?

15. Do They Like Me?


Wait. Was that smile a smile of approval or a condescending one? Do they really like me? Or are they just putting up with me?

That’s the problem. You’ll never really know. It isn’t as scary as it sounds or feels, but honestly, dealing with your in-laws is a life-long battle and the winning strategy is to always be on your best behaviour. Good luck!

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