20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: For Him

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valentine's day gift ideas for him


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Barely recovering from the Christmas round of shopping? Fret not! Here are 20 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special man in your life ranging from $5 to $100.

1. Silver Anchor Navy Rope Bracelet, $29 SGD

An enduring icon of steadfastness and reliability, get your man an anchor bracelet this Valentine’s Day – first of all to thank him for standing by you, and more importantly, as a signal to the other ladies that this man is taken.

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2. Stunned Vegetables T-shirt, $32.50 SGD

“You blossom like a flower/I so stunned like vegetable/My girl/You are Un… Un… Un… Un… Un… Un… Un… Un… Unbelievable”

Got the “Unbelievable” song by Chen Tian Wen stuck in your head? Get the Stunned Vegetables shirt, which features nine different cute and stunned vegetables.

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3. Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses, $100 SGD

With this anti-fatigue gaming glasses, help him to protect his eyes from those long nights of gaming with his buddies.

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4. Lightsaber Chopsticks, $26.80 SGD

Awaken the force in him by giving him this pair of absolutely cool and stylish lightsaber chopsticks. The chopsticks light up in green as well when a button is pressed.

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5. Adjustable Laptop Stand, $85.60 SGD

This adjustable laptop stand allows him to work, or play, anywhere and anytime! It comes with two USB fans to cool the laptop and is capable of supporting up to 17-inch laptops.

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6. Gentleman Soap Set, $9.90 SGD

This year, get him this unique set to make a fine, clean and young gentleman out of him. These soap sets are environmentally friendly and free from animal testing too!

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7. Iron Man Mouse, $35.70 SGD

Is he a big fan of Marvel, especially billionaire philanthropist playboy Tony Stark AKA Iron Man? If so, he’ll go nuts with this Iron Man mouse!

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8. Dylan socks, $10.00 SGD

Dylan – a pair of adorable socks for the man confident enough to wear on his feet.  

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9. Laptop Case, $29 SGD

These hipster-looking laptop cases will never fail to impress. Available in 4 different designs, get him one of these to go with his laptop.

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10. Blue Silver Red Stripe Tie, $29 SGD

A subtle hint for him to suit up and take you out for a nice dinner for a special occasion, the Blue Silver Red Stripe tie is a classic that is easy to wear and match.

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11. Harry Potter Monopoly Set, $31.90 SGD

Make his day magical with this absolutely amazing Harry Potter Monopoly set. The game pieces include things like the Sorting Hat, Harry’s broom, Hedwig and the Golden Snitch.

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12. Midnight Fever iPhone 5/ 5S Wood case, $35 SGD

An intricate blend of nature and design, this stunning Midnight Fever phone case is an absolute must-have if he owns an iPhone 5/5S.

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13. Nautical Blue Flips, $36.90 SGD

Adorned with cute maritime icons like a ship’s wheel and an anchor, this pair of Nautical Blue flips is just right for he who loves the ocean.

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14. Mounted Antelope Head, $81 SGD

Though it can’t beat a real taxidermy antelope head, this ceramic version still looks magnificent when mounted.

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15. Beer Kit, $30 SGD

Every guy can drink a beer. But help him stand out by giving him the very tools to craft his own distinct beer with this Morgan’s Beer Kit.

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16. Netflix Account, $10.98 SGD

With Netflix’s launch in multiple countries across Asia, what better way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day than with a Netflix account (if he doesn’t already have one), which comes with a wide selection of TV shows and movies.

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17. Casio Men Black Resin Watch, $19.50 SGD

Minimalistic and classy, the Casio Men Black Resin watch is a choice that is indeed hard to go wrong with. The gold-toned hands and markers accentuate against the black background of the watch, giving it a subtle lustre that is hard to match even with more expensive designs.

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18. Xiaomi Band, $19.99 SGD

Fitness trackers are now in vogue. There is perhaps no other brand in the market that can beat Xiaomi in terms of its superior quality-price ratio. It’s the perfect gift for the fitness junkie who can use it to monitor his daily fitness level.

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19. The Kauffman Mercantile Guide, $26.70 SGD

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures is like a coming-of-age manual for the hands-on man. In it, lifehacks and techniques abound, each equally delightful and satisfying.

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20. Aeropress Coffee Maker, $42.80 SGD

Said to “brew the perfect cup every time” by the Wired Magazine, this beauty is an elegant and effective way to kick-start the day with a perfect cup of home-brewed coffee.

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With these 20 amazing gift ideas, pleasantly surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day this year!


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