4 crucial things girls notice first about a guy

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The first of anything is significant – the first date, kiss, and handholding. Before I go into the negatives of firsts, like the first fight, cold war, or even heartache, rightfully, the first date has to happen before all of the above takes place.

This is possibly the only time when two potential partners are on the same page (although, granted, women and men take different cycles of time to warm up, and so on and so forth). To even proceed with the first date, both have to be interested in knowing the other party better, and unfortunately, the critical first date, amidst the jitters, has to be an impressionable one too.



The windows to one’s soul. Shifty eyes are the easiest way to tell if a person is honest with you. Personally, I am a sucker for large almond-shaped eyes. It seems like half the battle is over once I get lost in his eyes – cheesy, but that was probably where Debbie Gibson’s hit got its inspiration from. 



Dating etiquette 101 says this: Dress well to impress. There are so many elements that contribute to it. Guys, you do not need to be a fashion guru to create an impression. Experimenting with new fashion styles is not recommended. Dealing with the first date stress, and trying to pull off a completely new look is the perfect recipe for a cardiac arrest.

If all fails, work wear should be presentable enough if jeans and polos are too casual. Sports shoes are timelessly un-chic, so please keep them for sporty days. Smart casual or business casual is the way to go if you want to look effortless.



Let’s not even go into table etiquette, like which spoon for soup, and knife for meat courses, but simple details like ensuring the lady gets the menu first and her water refilled – even asking what she would like chalks up huge brownie points. I had a date once who was a complete nightmare! He went straight to deciding what I had to eat, and rattled on for a good two hours straight. Calling it torture would be an understatement.

Oral Hygiene


Is maintaining your oral hygiene such a difficult task? I remember so clearly one of the dates I had where the guy had terrible breath – so bad that even copious amounts of iced water and food could not mask the stench one bit. You bet I got lost in the smell to the point that I couldn’t even remember what he’d said.

At the end of the day, it’s also useful to remember that first impressions don’t always count. But it doesn’t hurt to make a proper effort.

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