4 outfits for men that women find irresistible

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Okay, I may not be the best at fashion but I speak for the majority of girls out there. We all love when a guy dresses up because, as expected, a man who presents himself well is not only sexy, but also gives off good vibes.

The most common outfit worn among Singaporean guys tend to be the shirt-berms combo. Well, that is not entirely a no-no, but there are certain outfits that women wish men would don more. Of course, you may be excused from trying out some of the outfits below because of the humidity in Singapore, but you can always take note of what is attractive to a woman, and rock your next OOTD (outfit of the day) on Instagram when you are overseas, where the weather’s less stifling.

Here are some items of clothing that women find attractive on men.

1. The Beanie

As ladies, we always love when a guy puts in effort to style his hair and look good. Even though wearing a beanie hides that, it is probably the bulk of hair peaking through the front that makes us take a second glance. Despite the heat in Singapore, you will be surprised that there are still some men who go against the fashion police and are able to rock a beanie with any outfit. However, it is best to go with simple basic colours like grey, navy blue, burgundy, or black.

2. Trench Coats/Oversized Jackets


This is one item of outerwear that we do not get to see much of on this tiny red dot. On the contrary, it is a really common look for male celebrities in Korean and Taiwanese dramas. Admit it ladies, we all love it when a guy wears a thick oversize jacket or a trench coat and look absolutely stylish in it. Too bad the weather here forbids our fellow Singaporean men to dress in this manner.

3. A Tailored Blazer


If you were to ask a lady for fashion advice, 8 out of 10 would say they like it when a guy puts on a snazzy blazer. There is no scientific research as to why a woman would think that way (perhaps suits and blazers simply turn a man into a boss, and the ladies prefer those who appear to be in control), but it has been proven that by wearing a blazer, a guy looks absolutely charming in it.

Take note that it is not just any old suit. If you are walking around in an oversized, straight-off-the-racks suit that doesn’t taper in the right places or complement your shape, don’t bother trying to impress a lady.

4. Chinos


Jeans do not quite make the cut like chinos. Agreed? Chinos are very versatile – you can wear them to any event, be it casual or formal, and still look sharp. Plus, they go with practically anything. The perfect pair of chinos, to us, are those that are slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem. A must-have colour in your wardrobe would definitely be navy or sand.

Men, take it from a girl who absolutely goes nuts when she sees well-dressed guys in these outfits: It might be time for a wardrobe upgrade.

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