4 reasons people get hitched when it’s the holidays

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This time of the year always seems to carry its own mysterious spirit of romance, with how it can seem like everyone has magically started seeing someone new. Ever wondered why it is that people begin relationships round about the holidays and festivities? Here are a few possible reasons.

1. They don’t want to go to parties alone


Really, who does? We all want someone to kiss under the mistletoe or right at the beginning of the new year. After all, it is tradition. Closer to the truth is the fact that no one wants to be the one who doesn’t have someone to snuggle up to in a group setting, or having to concoct reasons for why you’re still single.

2. You start to dream of starting your own family


Christmas brings with it lots of family time and related sentiments of joy and comfort. Watching your happily married relatives as they laugh and joke with each other may start tugging at a few heart strings. When are you going to get to start your own family, to put up Christmas trees with your own children?

3. You end up watching too many sappy rom coms


The holidays mean holiday-themed movies, and about three-quarters of them are rom coms. You’ll find yourself wanting what Amanda Woods and Graham Simpkins had in The Holiday, or what Jamie and Aurélia had in Love, Actually. And so you reach for the person in your life that comes closest to possibly giving you such a fantastical romance.

4. The holidays remind you that you’re not getting any younger


Another year has come and gone? But it seems like just yesterday that you were ushering in 2015! The holidays may just jolt you into action on the relationship front: you start to feel like you don’t have any more time to be single, unless you want to end up all alone.

Amidst the festive cheer of the holidays, it’s no surprise that you might get infected by the love bug. Such feelings may lead to a magical relationship, or not, but remember: Don’t date because you’re lonely, date because you actually like the other person and can’t think of anyone you’d rather spend the holiday celebrations with.


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