5 Myths About Love That Everyone Thinks Are True

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There are a plethora of myths about love that exists in the universe, each one unique to the person that holds on to that truth dearly. In this article, we shall try to explore those myths and debunk them. The truth about love may be harsh, but for serious lovers seeking for that right one, recognising that these myths as they are — merely myths — will definitely go a long way in maturity. Here are five myths that just aren’t true!

#1: Love doesn’t last forever


WRONG. It does.

But a hell lot of effort needs to be poured in from both parties! There’s been many instances where love evolved into marriage that lasted till death. Our late Minister Mentor was the primest example of such love. The trick is to WANT to stay together. In fact, it only seems normal that marriage is expected to last till death. That’s why “till death do us apart” came about in the first place!

#2: Having many ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends means you’re an ‘experienced lover’


Love doesn’t actually come with experience. It’s not the same as a progressing in your career. Every single human has a set of personality and trait that is extremely unique to him or her only. You can’t generalise one’s personality throughout the human population because that’s just not how the world works in the first place. Imagine if you could actually do that — the world would just be an extremely boring black and white human experience!

Anyway, that’s the beauty of being in a relationship; experiencing deeper connections and emotions from people of different characteristics! Dont get me wrong though, it is of course unavoidable that you transfer your supposed knowledge from your failed relationship into the new one. Humans learn from their mistakes naturally. However, your past should not dictate the actions you spawn in your future. Become wiser from every passing relationship, not jaded.

#3: The idea of a ‘Perfect Lover’…


…is flawed and non-existent.

There is no such thing as someone who is perfect for you. That’s just naive and wishful thinking! Matchmaking and dating apps and websites are only platforms that help to bring those in need of love together. It’ll also bring users with good love probabilities even closer. But it’ll never alarm you of the ‘Perfect One’, because there is no such thing in the first place. Don’t fret though, because these platforms are still useful in your search for love! Yes, the ‘Perfect One’ doesn’t exist but at least your matches are THAT close to being it. And that is definitely ‘perfect’ enough.

#4: Females only go for the “Bad Guys”


That’s what you think, but you’re wrong! Girls go for guys that make them feel secure. It not that she needs to feel that way though. Bad guys just emanate a strong character that girls just resonate with. And that is the keyword. Character. That’s what guys need. Build your character. No girls are attracted to boring guys. In fact, NOBODY is attracted to boring people. That’s why relationships are formed only when two people know each other well enough in the first place. It’s because they’ve come to realise each other’s character and they are attracted to them!

#5: Love is all you need


Alright, this one’s actually right. Love conquers all and love is all you need. You don’t need sunshine, you don’t need money, you don’t need food, you don’t need your parents, you don’t need good health, you don’t need good education, you don’t need intelligence and you don’t need a job because love can satisfy all your needs. Didn’t you know that ‘love’ is actually the most fundamental tenet based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

I hope you can sense the sarcasm. ‘Love or Belonging’ is actually in the middle of the pyramid after ‘Psychology’ and ‘Safety’. Love isn’t going to get you anywhere in life if your basic needs aren’t accounted for. Thus, love within your means.

At the end of day, remember that just because everyone is quoting a love quote from someone prominent, doesn’t mean that it automatically applies to your love life. Love requires sensitivity and nurturing. These are things that only you know better. So stop being fooled by love cliches and don’t let them get you discouraged. Relationships are a process, so don’t be afraid to take a leap and to find yourself a partner in crime.


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