5 reasons not to date someone who likes all the same things as you

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It makes sense to find someone who can natter away for hours on end about How I Met Your Mother’s crappy ending, someone who prefers dogs to cats, frequents the same sushi bar, and owns almost as many Hello Kitty plush toys as you do. But in the profoundly complex world of dating, opposites attract. Here are five reasons why you might be better off with a partner with contrasting interests.

1. Things will get dull fast

Sure, you’ll definitely enjoy your time together at the outset, given how easy it is to connect with someone you can identify with. But with all the same interests, you and your beau will end up not doing or discovering anything new.


2. You’ll stay in your comfort zone

It’s easy to do the same things repeatedly, especially when they are mutually relished. But unbeknownst to you is the impending fall into the treacherous trap of familiarity and boredom. Where’s the challenge in doing the same things all the time? We rarely admit it to ourselves, but there’s truth in saying that the comfortable and easy can easily become the dangerous.


3. You risk not growing as a person

Your partner should excite and challenge you to explore unfamiliar territories, opening you up to a host of new experiences and allowing you to grow and expand as an individual. Dating a soccer fanatic, for instance, when you don’t know the first thing about the sport, automatically grants you access to new adventures. You may even end up picking it up as a recreational activity.


4. You may get competitive

Say you both adore poker. In your own separate worlds, you are the kings and queens of the art. Come together, however, and you find yourself going head to head for the ultimate crown. If your better half is truly better than you, feelings of inferiority may creep up. On the flip side, it may be difficult to impress the other person because they’ve seen it all.


5. You’ll be dating yourself

You already get 24 hours a day, seven days a week to yourself. Any more than that (which, in this case, means dating a “doppelganger”) and you’ll certainly get sick of hearing your companion uttering these words, “Oh my God. Me too!”

While it’s nice to be with someone who makes you feel like you’re riding a flying carpet singing “A Whole New World”, there has to be some areas of common ground for you to stave off a separation due to “irreconcilable differences”. Seek balance instead and look for someone who complements you rather than copies you.

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