5 things Asians love to complain about

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Complaining is basically the Asian, and one of our less salubrious means of bonding with each other. Complaining to someone about something is the fast track to making fast friends, and there are few things more satisfying than someone justifying or fuelling your complaints. Here are a few things that Asians will surely have something to say about:

1. Work-related issues


Whether your complaints are about the new girl who just got promoted before you even though you’ve already been working there for five years or the awfully long proposal you have to write, rest assured that any true Asian will have your back on this. You’re not alone!

2. The prices


Macklemore’s Thrift Shop should be the anthem of all Asians, considering how we complain about undiscounted items all the time. It’s the infamous Asian stinginess at work.

3. Public transport


Let’s not kid ourselves, while massive train disruptions and late buses are incredibly annoying, it can be therapeutic to go on and on about the massive inconvenience you experienced when stuck in transit for “oh my god, a total of 3 hours”. Even then, just complaining about the general inaccuracy of “Bus Arrival” times can be extremely relieving too.

4. Crowds


“If I had known it was going to be this crowded, I would have just stayed home and watched it on TV!”

You’ll surely have heard this while squeezing through crowds at festival celebrations. We hate crowds, but still we show up at crowded events, only to complain about the crowds afterwards (like what happens at every IT show ever).

5. Depreciating food quality


Asians are generally foodies – many of us complain every time we eat out at a place that’s not of our choice. “But the char kway teow at (random obscure kopitiam) is so much better! The food here was so much better back in the day!

Whether we accept that we love to complain or whether we choose to complain about how we complain too much, neither of these approaches really seem to get at the heart of the matter. However, as much as we’re Asians, perhaps we should sometimes still try to be objective, especially when superfluous inconveniences are involved! After all, a lot of us are dealing with the same nonsense, but some of us have learnt to do it with a smile.  

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