6 things that will happen when you’re dating a girl, not a lady

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If you’ve read 6 things that will happen when you’re dating a boy, not a man and felt indignant about how there isn’t an female equivalent, here it is! These are the 6 telltale signs that will show you your precious girlfriend may be a little too much of a child.

1. She has a short fuse


Tantrums. Loads of them. If your girlfriend is whiny, quick to anger, and full of complaints, she’s probably trouble. If she’s never willing to reason or calm down for a proper, logical discussion about important things, well, you know what that means.

2. She cries & whines to get her way


If your girlfriend can’t have a coherent, logical debate with you without resorting to underhanded means to win your attention or sympathy, then she’s being immature, and you should call her out on it. What’s more, it’s simply a sign that she doesn’t really know how to deal with setbacks like a grown-up.

3. She over-shares about your relationship


Trouble in paradise? You bet she’s tweeting about it. If this sounds like your girlfriend, she clearly hasn’t learned not to air your dirty laundry in public. This may be proof of disregard for your privacy as a couple, and may also be a bid for attention and sympathy from your mutual friends in order to get them on her side.

4. She spends beyond her means


Does she live off your money or her family’s wealth? Has she never worked a day in her life? A girl who is not financially independent, even though she’s perfectly able-bodied, may be a girl who has unreasonable expectations of you and life in general, and she needs to learn to manage them.

5. She has melodramatic friends


Birds of a feather do flock together. If she attracts drama, she’s probably melodramatic herself, and her hobbies probably include being involved in unnecessary arguments on social media. Unnecessary drama is indicative of narcissism, thoughtlessness, and a general lack of direction in life or anything important to focus on. She needs to grow up a little.

6. She regularly gets you to do her bidding


If she constantly bosses you around and gets you to run her errands without repaying you in kind, she doesn’t know what a relationship looks like, and expects to be treated like a princess. This is a huge warning sign that you’ll be facing a bunch of relationship issues in your near future, where her taking you for granted will lead to plenty of resentment and god knows, what other disasters.

Be prepared for a lot of unnecessary conflict and outbursts when you’re dating a girl, and not a mature, responsible woman. Although it can start out fun (she’s so exciting and she comes up with these brilliant, whimsical ideas!), you’ll get tired of it really soon. Remember, this isn’t secondary school romance anymore, you actually have real life problems to deal with now.

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