6 warning flags that you’re nothing more than a rebound

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Breaking up is hard to do, and post-breakup is when some may seek to immediately enter a new relationship to escape the abyss of loneliness and self-loathing. While this may provide some solace, it’s often extremely trying as well. Here are some signs to tell if you’ve ended up as someone else’s rebound!

1. He/she can’t stop talking about his/her ex


This is pretty damning evidence – if your significant other won’t stop dissecting his/her past relationship with you, or worse when he/she constantly compares you to his/her ex, you’re definitely a rebound.

2. He/she keeps trying to mould you into a different person


Be warned, this could be perfectly harmless. If the changes your partner wants to see in you aren’t objectively good, it should raise a red flag. But once you realise that your partner’s trying to mould you into another version of his/her ex, then it definitely means that demons are coming back to join the party.

3. You met him/her while he/she appeared to be going through a really difficult time


If you met your current boyfriend or girlfriend while they seemed to be at a low point in their life, they may just be using you as a distraction. Look out for signs of a recent breakup. Has he/she been recently pictured with someone in intimate shots? Do his/her friends seem to be forcing their interactions with you, always behaving awkwardly for no apparent reason? If your other half has just broken up with someone, you’re quite likely a rebound.

4. He/she often seems uninterested in going on a date with you


If your partner frequently blows you off or seems distracted while the two of you are out together, then he/she may just not be that into you. If this is something you’ve noticed right at the start of the relationship, it should be a cause for concern because it points to him/her dating you just for the companionship and possibly to boost his/her deflated ego after something that didn’t work.

5. He/she frequently becomes irrationally angry at you, even though you know he/she isn’t really under much duress


It could mean your partner is abusive or has a bad temper, which is a sign you should get out of the relationship anyway. It could also mean that your partner is still pining over his/her ex, and gets angry at you because you aren’t as similar to the aforementioned ex as he/she first thought you were.

6. He/she doesn’t introduce you to his/her friends, or always seems to be showing you off


Not introducing you to his/her other friends may mean he/she doesn’t intend to have you around for long, or that he/she doesn’t want to alarm his/other other friends by the sudden post-breakup romantic developments in his/her life. On the other hand, showing you off with aggressively competitive undertones may mean that he/she wants to “win” the breakup. When this is coupled with any of the other five signs that you’re a rebound, you should definitely proceed with caution.

Remember, you’re worth too much to be regarded as merely an option for someone else, and you shouldn’t settle for a full-time relationship with someone who’s only looking for a part-time distraction. If you think you may be someone else’s rebound, do yourself a favour and have a frank, open discussion with your partner so you can still get out if you want to.

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