6 Ways Otakus Can Find an Anime-like Love in Real Life

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It’s now in to be an otaku. At the very least, it’s now socially acceptable to openly admit that you like watching anime and reading manga.

People who cannot appreciate the beauty of Studio Ghibli movies are certainly missing out. However, there are people on the other end of the spectrum, too – there are people who love anime and manga so much, they prefer staying in to watch anime than to go out and experience real life.



These people are known as otakus. While indulging in your otaku tendencies is fine occasionally, ultimately, we do live in the real world. It would be a pity to not experience all that real life has to offer, too, such as falling in love.

Here’s a short guideline on how otakus can find an anime-like love in the real world. It’ll blow any anime romance out of the water for sure, when you’re the star of your own love story.

1 – Write Down Your Hobbies… Then Find a Social Group That Shares Them

A lot of anime stories are based on hobbies, notably in school clubs (Chihayafuru, Kuroko’s Basketball, Slam Dunk). You may have outgrown high school, but there are still plenty of social clubs to join based on your interests.

slam dunk


Whether you are interested in hiking, running, swimming, board games, painting or the like, simply hit the Internet and Google for clubs with people that share your interests. If nothing else, you can also join anime clubs to meet more people – and maybe even meet someone you love too.

2 – Make an Ongoing, Conscious Effort to Constantly Find Love

Most anime revolve around the main protagonist becoming a better or stronger person. Think of anime like Attack on Titan or Akatsuki no Yona; as the story goes on and obstacles are thrown their way, the main protagonist find a strength inside they never knew they had.



We can also learn from these anime main protagonists in how they deal with obstacles. After all, all of us do deal with stumbling blocks in life almost on a daily basis – such as finding it hard to meet the right one.

It is how we react to these obstacles that determine how our life will turn out. Whatever problems you have in pursuing love, remember that true love is never easy to obtain, let alone maintain. All the rejections you face will only better you for the real thing. Always believe that you WILL find your happy ending, and it will happen to you!

3 – Join Skills-Teaching Classes

Expand your knowledge and learn something new at the numerous classes popping up all over the city! Whether it’s a cooking class (Ristorante Paradiso), a cocktail class (Bartender), or a music class (Nodame Cantabile), there’s a class for everyone.



If you want to understand anime or manga without subtitles, there’s also Japanese classes. You can definitely meet plenty of other people who share your love for Japan at one!

4 – Organise Your Own Get-Together on the Internet

If all else fails, the Internet is a wonderful invention. You can easily find Facebook groups dedicated to the hobbies you are fond of. With book clubs, travel clubs, and yes, anime clubs, there are plenty of local groups you can be a part of on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram.

These groups also often organise get-togethers based on their interests. If you are in the mood to help them (as well as yourself), you can also help create events you know these people will be interested in. Be sure to turn up yourself to expand your social circles!

5 – Be More Sporty

There’s a lot of anime based on sports (Prince of Tennis, Free!), and there’s a good reason why! Exercise gets you moving, it makes you happy, it keeps you fit, and you can even meet new people thanks to sports.



You do not have to be a hardcore gym-goer to be considered sporty. Even just going outdoors to have a walk around the neighbourhood or a stroll through the park can lift your spirits.

Of course, if you can set aside some time for exercising outdoors on the weekend, it can definitely help you meet more people. You can also join exercise-related clubs or classes to get moving – you never know if it’ll move you into the path of someone you’re meant for.

6 – Just Go Out (and not just to work)!

There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself to watch anime, or to indulge in other hobbies. However, it is also vital to make time for other people, especially when you are looking for an anime-like love in real life.

It’s not true that real love cannot compare to the thrill of romance you can get from manga, anime, and other fiction. In fact, real love IS better, because you can feel the thrill of knowing you have overcome obstacles like meeting the to find the one you truly love.

Channel the spirit of the fictional characters you love, and this could lead you to the one you will love wholeheartedly in real life. Go get the one you love now!

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