8 original first date ideas better than a movie and dinner

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This is a guest post by Rachel Esco.

For the veteran dater, first dates can become a monotonous routine, one that is as repetitive and dull as doing laundry or renewing your driver’s licence. It’s always the same drill. You’ll order a drink or two, coffee or liquor, and politely sip while asking each other the same old questions, and giving the same old answers. Half the time, you’re bored, disinterested or just plain uncomfortable, but you’re forced to play the first-date charade of forced smiles and idle chitchat.

Don’t you wish you could escape all these early obstacles and skip ahead to the romance? Well, it’s not impossible. You just need to consider some fresh dating ideas to spice up your night out.

1. Axe Throwing



This high-intensity sport has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years, loved for its quirky mix of danger and fun. With an open mind and the right chemistry, you can have a blast on your first date – and even blow off some steam if you’ve had a long, trying day.

2. Maze Room

Indoors or outdoors, maze rooms allow you and your date to bond in a novel way. You’ll typically be stuck in the maze for at least an hour, so even if you’re not crazy about your date, the experience at least won’t be boring. As you strategise and plan your way out, you can connect on a more natural level, instead of forcing awkward conversation over drinks.

3. Gun Shooting



Get your blood pumping with some hearty gun shooting practice. Whether you’re a skilled shooter or a total newbie, the two of you can work together on your aiming skills. One day, maybe you’ll hit the relationship bullseye!

4. Driving Range

The driving range creates an opportunity for you and your date to learn and interact together. It also opens the door for some flirtatious physical contact. So, while you’re both working on your swing, you’ll also be working on hitting it off with each other.

5. Escape Room

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Want to see how your date deals with problems on the very first date? Try an escape room, an enclosed space where you and your partner have to escape within the hour. During the challenge, you’ll have to solve puzzles and unlock clues to break free. What’s more, you’ll be too busy navigating through the activity to worry about first-date jitters.

6. Cooking Class

A cooking class can be a great first date idea for a creative, amusing bonding experience. If you’re mindful of dietary restrictions, this unique first hangout could heat up more than just a sizzling dish!

7. Rock Climbing



Let the quality of your first date reach new heights with the excitement of rock climbing. The activity creates a positive, energetic vibe, allowing you to encourage and motivate one another. After a couple hours of scaling artificial rocks, perhaps you can both grab a smoothie to cool down.

8. Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing can be fun, but it can also be a highly sensual affair. So, for those who prefer to do less talking, this activity is ideal as it removes the first date pressure to engage in conversation. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with assessing the physical chemistry before the chatting compatibility.

If you want to try these first date ideas but the people you keep meeting seem unadventurous, you may want to start looking elsewhere for better dates. A dating app like LunchClick, where you can suggest first date ideas before connecting with someone, is definitely a great place to start.


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