Digital warfare: Can PC lovers date Mac lovers?

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They say technology creates more questions than it answers. They’re probably right. Today, however, I attempt to answer one of the most important questions of the 21st century: Can PC lovers date Mac lovers? I’ve always been a Mac lover, and everything I own is Apple. My partner, though, is infatuated with PCs, which makes dating him more than mildly annoying. For simplicity’s sake, this is from the perspective of a Mac lover. If you’re a PC lover, substitute as necessary!

1. No: Your partner will try to convert you


To hardcore PC or Mac fanatics, your chosen brand of computer is your religion – and having different religions is an unforgivable difference that will result in endless mockery and scorn. You will feel under great pressure to just give in. At the same time, you do love your computer.

2. No: Gift-giving is always tough


What do you get a technology nerd who loves his or her computer more than life itself? Probably something related to his or her electronic gadgets. Because you feel queasy walking into a PC store, you gift him or her with an Apple product instead. Of course, it’s seen as “completely disrespectful” and “absolutely impractical”. (Seriously, though, don’t do this. It will land you in a lot of relationship trouble – take it from me.)

3. No: When he/she has a something he/she wants to show you, it’s always something like this. If you didn’t bother to watch the video, then you made the right choice. After all, PC lovers hardly ever have good arguments to make anyway.


So annoying. And so untrue.

4. No: The two of you can never fix each other’s tech issues


Frustrated with troubleshooting and in need of advice from your partner? Forget about it. His/her response will always be “Buy a PC”, and you’ll end up getting really frustrated and smashing his/her PC instead.

5. No: You can’t share a charger


For the workaholics, that’s a deal breaker right there. Enough said.

6. Yes: The two of you always have a backup topic


You know the dreaded silence between couples? Not a result of them not feeling like conversation at the moment, but a result of them having run out of things to say to each other and getting bored? Well, good news for you – you’ll never reach that, with the endless (extremely heated) debates you can have over PC vs Mac!

7. Yes: You’ll complement each other perfectly


Mac and PC have achieved world dominion. Take any gadget – either you or your partner will know how to operate it and make it purr.

8. Yes: If you love each other, all the other reasons don’t matter


And as cheesy as it sounds, this is really the only reason you need.

Verdict: Who you love matters more than which computer you love. There may be a million silly reasons not to date someone who loves a different brand of computer, but ultimately, all these reasons can be overlooked. Not to mention, there’s always the possibility of eventual conversion!

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