Does he really love you? 4 ways to tell if you’re being played

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Games: some guys are all about them. No, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto. I’m talking about the game of love and “war”, in which we’re all just pieces on a chessboard. The winning prize? Hooking up with a hot chick or two. The more the merrier.

Don’t be fooled by his smooth, chivalrous, yet ultimately malicious ways. Here are four signs that new guy you’re seeing is playing you like a fiddle.

1. When he comes on too strong too soon


You’ve only been on one or two dates, and he’s already pulling out the grand declarations of love that you hear only in romantic comedies. “You’re the girl of my dreams,” or, “I love you,” he might say, when he doesn’t really even know you all that well. Red alert! If he isn’t outright lying to you, he must be extremely desperate.

2. When he gets too physical too quickly


Likewise, when he gets handsy right off the bat without getting to know you better first, he’s probably looking for a fling or a chance to get laid without the emotional commitment. Don’t expect anything serious to come out of dating this guy, and don’t buy into the idea that he’s actually in love with you. He might want you, but it might not be for the reasons you hope for.

3. When he adamantly asks for specific favours


You have something he wants, and he’ll do anything to get it. Although it’s a little harder to discern whether the chap has any ulterior motives, you can always spot a manipulator by the specific things (about you) that he pays attention to. For instance, you have a rich and famous aunt. If he raises that subject often (discreetly or not), he might be more interested in her than he is in you.

4. When you realise you hardly know anything about him


You’re into the fourth or fifth date now, and still, you know next to nothing about his family, friends or history. In fact, he doesn’t really talk much about himself. This isn’t about the lack of conversational narcissism, but the possibility that he’s hiding something. One way to find out if he’s being deliberately evasive is simply by asking a personal question. If he dances around the subject without actually providing an answer, feel free to get suspicious.


It’s easy to be blinded by sweet talk and seemingly gentlemanly actions. While there are sincere souls out there seeking a real relationship, there are also major players that are extremely well-versed in deception and just looking to rack up the numbers. One thing’s for sure: If you go looking for a partner in the wrong places, chances are, you’ll end up hurting yourself.


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