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Can I sign up for a LunchClick account with my e-mail?

Ooops, not. Sign up with your Facebook account for proper identification.

Oh dear. So, how exactly do I use LunchClick?

Once your profile is manually approved, you will receive one or more matches daily, which you can ‘Like’ or ‘Pass’.

The Q&A feature then opens once you get mutual likes where you can send questions to each other. Simply tap on the ‘Meet Up’ button, and schedule a date with your match. Exciting, right?

How long does it take to approve my account, or the new photos that I’ve uploaded?

It takes approximately 24 hours to do manual approval. Let’s weed out fake profiles! Bare with us though when we encounter a surge in downloads where it might take up to 48 hours to get your profile approved.

It’s been over 48 hours. Why is my account still not approved?

This might have happened some reasons. We only accept singles who are 21 and above, well, genuinely single. If you are below 21, or you have marital documents linked to your ID, you won’t get approved. Otherwise, your picture may not have met our standards. Simply try uploading another picture.

I’m divorced/widowed. Surely you accept divorcees / widows/ widowers?

Of course, as long as you are genuinely single, get your account approved and send us (thru support@lunchclick.co) your:

  1. Decree Nisi Absolute (DNA)/Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (Form 26) for divorcees;
  2. Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (Nullify) for annulments;
  3. Death Certificates for widow/ widower.

The LunchClick team seems picky. What kind of pictures will meet your standards?

We’re a bit stringent with the pictures uploaded for we are sure that our singles would not like to look at photos that are blurry, low-quality, or maybe even just a cup of coffee. Everyone deserves great pictures of their matches. Likewise, we want your matches to see great images of you too!

Pictures that are well-lit, clear, and non-pixelated are definitely ‘good-to-go’. The pictures will have to show you (and YOU alone) looking straight into the camera, without the addition of sunglasses or other face-obscuring accessories. Upload your best photos!

Okay, makes sense. So how do I upload a photo?

1) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.
2) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button)
3) Proceed to “Photos” tab
4) Click on “+” icon.
5) You may choose to (a) take a picture (b) choose a profile picture in your Facebook account (c) choose from your gallery. Do show your best shots!
6) When done, all you have to do is wait for approval.

Do note that all you have to do now is to wait for approval to have your photos shown to your matches.

If I change my mind, how do I remove a photo?

1) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.
2) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button)
3) Proceed to “Photos” tab
4) To remove photo, click on “x” icon on the photo you want to remove
5) As primary photo can’t be removed, you may want to (a) tap on “current primary photo” (b) then tap on “primary photo replacement” to swap!

Do note that photo swap is only available with approved photos.

Okay, I’m all set with my pictures. How do I change my age preference?

1) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.
2) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button)
3) Proceed to “Preferences” tab
4) and voila! Just scroll down and edit your preferred age range
5) Once done, remember to click on “Update”!

I’m not receiving any matches! You guys are breaking my heart.

Sorry to hear that. Here, please have a virtual cookie. This may have happened when your age range is too narrow. While you’re deciding whom you want to be matched with, other users are also setting their own preferences!

As an extreme example, if you’re a 50-year-old man who wants to meet only 21 to 24-year-old women, most ladies falling within this age range would already have their age preferences set up to EXCLUDE those who are a lot older than they are.

Simply widen your preferences and that should do the trick!

Okay, got it! Next question: how do I chat with my matches?

To put it simply: you can’t. At least, not until you’re meeting up for a date! What you can do, however, is to engage in a Q&A-style of interaction with your matches. Once you have a ‘Mutual Like’, you can access our question bank of over 100 questions, and send a few of these to your match.

Once you’ve scheduled a date, a chat box will open up – three hours before your date.

Oh, now i can create my own questions? Wow! How do i start?

1) Click on “Q&A” icon at the bottom of screen.
2) Select your “Mutual Like” match.
3)Click on “ASK A QUESTION” button.
4) Click on big “+” orange icon at the bottom left of screen.
5) Type in your question and answers respectively.
6) When done, all you have to do is hit that “Submit” button at the bottom of page.

Don’t forget to check out your submission under the “Favourites” tab!

I was promised that the chat feature would be activated 3 hours before the date starts. Why don’t I see it yet?

Sorry about that! All you have to do is to sign out from the app (from the ‘Edit Preferences’ page), and sign in again. This will refresh the data on your app, and the chat feature should be available then.

iOS users please take note: please ensure that you have enabled mobile data for LunchClick, if you are not connected to WiFi.

Um. Why would you build an app without a chat function?

Well, we have a great reason for that, actually. Here’s a little bit of history – LunchClick is created by the Lunch Actually Group, the largest dating agency in South East Asia, and we’ve been in this industry for over 12 years. Through our years of experience and expertise, we came to realise that the free-chatting function on dating apps or sites is highly problematic.

Singles have to wrack their brains to come up with interesting conversation topics, and the conversation is often mundane and uninspiring (e.g. asking about work or whether your match has had their lunch). These conversations often die down quickly, and don’t often lead to real dates.

So what we wanted to do was to reduce the effort needed to result in a fun, interesting conversation, and thereby increase the chances of our singles going out on dates. We’ve managed to achieve this by using a Q&A system instead of a free-chatting system. Many singles have also told us that they really like this Q&A function, because when they meet up on their first date, there’s more to talk about and it’s less likely to be anti-climactic and/or awkward.

Okay, I can see why the Q&A works. Also, I just proposed a date to someone – but it disappeared! What is going on here?

Your date proposal could have expired (meaning we’ve passed the proposed date and timings you sent), without your match responding. Another possibility is that your date proposal was rejected, but you didn’t get a notification because you didn’t turn on your notifications.

I was so excited about my confirmed date, but it disappeared! Please tell me why.

It’s highly likely that your match cancelled the date, but you didn’t get a notification because you didn’t turn on your notifications. It could also be a bug – and if so, you should be able to see your confirmed date after you log out and log in again.

I’m a bit frustrated. Why is my match not replying me on the chat box?

Oh. Oh dear. If your match is unresponsive over the chat, please do not turn up for the date. It is highly likely that your match will not turn up themselves at the proposed date area. We recommend that you write the date off instead. It’s a good thing that you didn’t spend too much time chatting with them over the app, isn’t it?

Okay, what if I propose a date but then change my mind? Can I cancel a date proposal?

Unfortunately, as of now, you’re unable to cancel a date proposal while it’s still pending. It can only be done after your match accepts the date proposal. We’re working on this though, and have plans to improve upon the system in a future release.

Now I’m confused. Why is the chat feature activated, yet I’m blocked from conversing with my date?

This happens because one of you has blocked the other. Do view your match’s profile to unblock your match, if you have accidentally blocked his/ her profile. If you did not block your match, unfortunately your match has blocked you instead.

Okay. Can I request for a rematch to past/missed matches?

Yes, you can! Just tap on the navigation panel on the top left corner of the app to access your menu, and tap on ‘Past Matches’. Click the profile of the match you’d like to reconnect with, and you’ll find the option to do so at the bottom of the screen. Please note that it is a chargeable service – you will need ‘Sparks’ to get reconnected. You will receive the reconnected match profiles the next day.

There’s this ‘Discover’ section on the app. What is it?

The ‘Discover’ section on the app is where you have a little bit more control on the matches you’ll get! If you saw a match you like and picked it, you will receive the match the next day after your ‘Sparks’ have been deducted. However, it does not guarantee a mutual like – that depends on your match.

You can also give a match to your friend if you’re feeling generous. If you’re giving a match, make sure that your friend’s profile is registered with the same contact number you have.

Awesome! If I want to exchange contact numbers with my match, can I get my Love Assistant to help out?

Only if you bribe her with $50. Just kidding! Unfortunately, our app was built to maximize the privacy and safety of our singles, which means that we can’t share your match’s contact number, or give yours to theirs. You may ask during your date, though.

‘Sparks’ sounds sparkly. What is ‘Sparks’ and how do I get them?

‘Sparks’ is the payment system you get to use on LunchClick in order to purchase better features for yourself, such as reconnecting with a match, picking a match, and other upgrades.

You can view your remaining ‘Sparks’ on the top right of your app. Just tap on the ‘Sparks’ icon to purchase more. You can then sparkle up your LunchClick experience!

I’ve deactivated my profile, and I would like to come back again (welcome back!). How do I reactivate my profile?

1) Tap “Reactivate now” in your HOME PAGE, or
2a) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.
2b) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button)
2c) Proceed to “Preferences” tab
2d) Click on “Re-activate” button!

Now, sit back and wait for your account to be reactivated.

I want to leave LunchClick (but why?! Let us know if we can improve in any manner to make your LunchClick experience better!). How do I deactivate my profile?

1) Tap on “User Icon” located on the top left corner.
2) Click on “Edit Profile” (orange button)
3) Proceed to “Preferences” tab
4) Click on “Deactivate” button

Do note that once you’re deactivated, all your confirmed/ pending dates will be cancelled. The ‘Q&A’ feature will not be available as well.

I’m trying to talk to your Love Assistants, but they’re always offline! When are your Love Assistants going to reply me?

We’re sorry for missing out your messages! Our Love Assistants actually receive thousands of messages daily. As a result, our team may miss out a few messages from our users. Please wait a while, our Love Assistants will attend to your queries as soon as they can!

Help! I’ve accidentally purchased Sparks/ Premium Membership twice, can you refund one of it?

Apple AppStore

All refunds are handled by Apple, not LunchClick. If you wish to request a refund, please visit www.apple.com/lae/support/itunes/contact.html or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to iTunes on a computer
  2. Click on your Apple ID
  3. Select ‘Purchase history’
  4. Find the transaction and tap ‘Report Problem’

Google Play Store

There are two ways you can request a refund:

  • If it’s been less than 48 hours since you were charged, you can request a refund directly from Google by visiting https://support.google.com/googleplay/contact/play_request_refund_apps.
  • If it’s been more than 48 hours since you were charged, please send us your Google Play order number or transaction ID. You can find this number in your Google Play email receipt or by logging in to payments.google.com. Example order numbers: GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567 or 1234567890123456.1234567890123456.

LunchClick Website

Please forward your PayPal receipt to support@lunchclick.co

3 Days Cooling Down Period: Within three (3) calendar days from the date of payment, if you wish to cease your membership service, LunchClick will return to you the membership fee less the administration fees of $20.00 which are non-refundable.

See www.lunchclick.co/terms for details.

Thank you for using LunchClick, and we hope you’ll have a delightful experience on the app.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Send your questions to support@lunchclick.co and will be delighted to assist you.

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