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This is a guest post by Rachel of rachelthm.blogspot.sg.

I am sure that every woman’s ultimate wish is to settle for a guy that not only loves us but at the same time, treats us well.

8 Characteristics of a Good Guy:

The definition of ‘Good’ to me is someone that you know you can rely on through the good and bad times, not because he has to but he wants to.

1)  He takes enough initiative.

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I cannot emphasize how important this is in every relationship. To me, I feel that a guy has to take initiative to do things, to plan things, (not every time but for most of the times). Initiative means effort. If the guy that you are dating shows initiative, for instance, to ask you out on a date first or to plan out a day full of activities, it shows how much he cares about you and how he is willing to put in the effort to make progress in the relationship. For existing relationships, it is more crucial that we never forget to take initiative especially in the little things daily in order for it to work.

2) He is mature (and not petty/childish)

Guys who pick quarrels because of irrelevant small things are so childish. The question is, why are you so upset over something so small that is not worth quarreling? There are bigger and better things to work towards like career, hobbies, and all that a guy should think about rather than to quarrel over things like ‘why are you out with another guy?’ or ‘why didn’t you tell me that you were going out?’ and making a mountain out of a molehill.

3) He is committed to you and the relationship.



Generally, people fear commitment. As we grow up, people tend to grow apart gradually and it gets harder for people to commit to things simply because they feel that there is not a need to. People nowadays prefer to be free, to have freedom and chase the things they want in life. It takes a lot for two people to stay together not only through good times but through the worst times as well. Being committed to a person requires you to want to be around them and not be tempted to go for anyone better (in terms of physical aspects). If your man chooses to stand by you and not be easily attracted by every other women out there, he’s definitely one of the better ones out there.

4) He is humble and not arrogant

I cannot stand arrogant guys. Guys who think that they’re better than everyone else and deserve only the best treatment. Come on, it is not necessary to boast about how good you are at basketball or studies or whatever hobbies/studies/job etc. all the time. I find it sickening to date such guys because they will always make you feel that you can never match up to them and their abilities.

5) He knows what he is doing.



Most women prefer to feel a sense of security/assurance that the guy they are currently with knows what he is doing and plans for the future. It is so important for a guy to have ambitions and goals. The funny thing is, women do not usually go for wealth or stability when they are looking for a suitable candidate, at least not for me. Women don’t go like ‘Oh I have to consider whether he can afford a car yadah yadah’ during the first date. If you do, then you got to question your purpose in finding a life partner. Then again, different people, different preferences.

However, for me, the guy that I am with must have the will to succeed in future. Yes, he does not need to be rich but He MUST know what he is doing or will be doing next time.

6) He respects you and the people he loves.



This is such a simple/fundamental principle but many guys often forget how to treat a lady with respect once they get too comfortable with their partners. Basic respect is knowing when to give in and not let their ego ruin everything. Some guys just CANNOT give in even when they are in the wrong. If you’re dating someone like that, Please, just re-consider and re-evaluate your choices.

7) He knows what is important in his life.



It is easy for guys to get carried away especially when they are with their friends etc. Thus, it is important that a guy knows how to prioritize his stuff properly. I feel that as we grow older, we have lesser time to spend with the people around us and that is an inevitable fact. A mature guy will know when and what to place first with limited time to spare every week due to school, work or army.

8) He supports whatever you do

It is mentally exhausting to be with someone who opposes every little thing you choose to do. If he does not approve of you pursing what you love, that is worse. Yes, he should give the right advice if the path chosen is wrong, but several boyfriends do not like to see their girlfriends achieving more than them. You can call it the ‘ego problem’, but to me, i think it is just plain selfish.

When you are with someone who supports what you do, it gives you room to grow and to eventually reach your maximum potential in life. At that point, you will feel happy and contented regardless of the situation. All in all, no one is perfect and as long as both parties are willing to work together, anything is possible. Even the word ‘impossible’ says I’m possible. Ending off with a quote…

“We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”

Live your life to the fullest, choose the right guy – or maybe you can just love an imperfect person perfectly, ultimately, that is what love is all about right?

Thank you for reading!~


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