Hairstyles for Men: 4 ways to nail the modern quiff

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The wave of quiff hairstyles has been taking over the fashion charts for years now and every time we think that the trend is going to die, it always comes back with a new twist! Was it James Dean’s old Hollywood glam or is it Beckham’s fashion-forward contemporary twist? Whoever you owe your pompadour style to, do it right with quality products. A man who invests his time in his crown is a man worth taken seriously. Here are four ways to nail the modern quiff with no sweat at all.

1. Matte pomade for the classic quiff


The classic quiff is the perfect hairstyle for the man who wants to keep his style minimal yet worth noticed for. For the cut, remind your hairstylist to keep a reasonable amount of length at the sides and the top section to be much longer. Once you have the cut right, use the right products. You want to have your hair neatly slicked back in a natural manner. Opt for a matte pomade with a strong hold and no shine.

2. Hair mousse for the messy quiff


The messy quiff is probably the hardest to achieve, but effortless soft waves are something any girl would die for! The key to this hairstyle is to always have motion in your ‘do. For the cut, remind your hairstylist to keep the length long as you need the volume to work with. For the product, opt for a mousse or lotion as opposed to a gel to keep the strands separated and achieve greater volume.

3. Wet pomade for the slick side quiff


For the side quiff, remind your stylist to keep the sides with an aggressive gradient, the mid-section with medium length, and the front layer to be the longest. The way to achieve this look is to get your basic blow drying techniques right. Blow dry your hair to the front, the back and the front again. Blowing your hair with heat in opposite directions will help you get the volume you are looking for. Products you should be using are quick sand for the height and some wet pomade for the slick look.

4. Use sea salt spray and pomade for the red-carpet quiff


Who could have forgotten Elvis’ signature rolled quiff? Beckham has taken it to the next level with his modern sport twist. Although achieving the look of the world’s sexiest man may be a challenge, nothing beats hard work! For this look, keep the sides longer than usual and make sure that the undercut is subtle. This will probably be a little more age-appropriate as it is subtle yet stylish. For the products, try using sea salt spray before blow drying for extra volume, and apply a good quality pomade!

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