Why Real Life Will Disappoint Die-Hard Romantics Every Single Time

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We all day-dream about telling the story of our perfectly adorable, perfectly serendipitous first meetings with our Significant Others. Watching classic Hollywood meet cutes or boy-meets-girl scenes further fuels our need to have a good tale just ready to go. However, in reality, even if all the environmental conditions are in place, plenty can still go wrong.

1. The Park


The park is perhaps one of the most popular meet cute settings. And with good reason too. You’ve probably seen at least one movie where a boy meets a girl while he’s walking his dog amidst dense, sculpted foliage and shrubbery. She starts cooing all over his dog, they chat and somewhere along the way get to exchanging numbers. They soon tumble into an enviable romance.


IN REALITY: If you’re waiting at the park for a cute boy or a girl to initiate an encounter, you’re in for a really long (or even never-ending) wait. What’s more likely to happen is that you break out into an unpleasant sweat whilst mosquitoes take the opportunity to help themselves to your blood vessels and sensitive skin.

Bonus: Parks are frequented by couples, so you’ll have to endure all the snuggling going on while becoming more and more conscious of how lonely you really are with each passing second.

2. A Cafe


According to movies, this is The Place to meet someone just as hipster as you are. Brimming with an abundance of struggling artists working on their screenplays, cafes are great places for you to meet someone who’s artistic, sensitive and spontaneous. Even if you don’t actually end up meeting a patron of the cafe, hey, there’s always the attractive barista smiling at you from behind the counter.


IN REALITY: In local cafes you’re more likely to find students hogging seats and cramming for their examinations, laptops and textbooks covering every inch of available space. Attempting to make conversation with them will guarantee weird looks and dismissive replies, as they see you as a mere distraction from the world of academia and straight As. The baristas, while friendly, have a whole lot of other paying customers to attend to, and will probably be too caught up in that to offer you any extra attention. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself massively disillusioned.

3. The Library


Sneaking a peek at a cute girl through the bookshelves only to find out she’s holding on to your all-time favourite book! Great, you guys now have something in common. You walk over sweaty-palmed to engage in an intellectual and stimulating book discussion. You’re enchanted by her deconstruction and analysis of the book as well as her suggestion of a witty, brilliant alternative ending, every word accompanied by the lovely soundtrack of her saccharine voice.


IN REALITY: If you dream of meeting a fellow book-lover with the exact same taste in books as you, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The chances of that happening in a library are slim, especially given book purists’ love for ownership of their own books. They won’t be seen poring over old, tattered copies of a classic in the library; instead, they’ll more likely be browsing Book Depository at home.

4. The Beach


Ah, the beach. That magical place where anything can happen. You get to saunter up to a really hot topless guy playing beach volleyball, all false bravado, to effortlessly ask if he would like to play against you and your friends. Surprisingly, he’s spontaneous and fun and friendly and says, Yes! You get to talking and he finally asks you on an extremely sporty date. The endorphins get you falling in love. Or so the movies tell you, in great detail framed in hues of yet another clichéd sunset.


IN REALITY: Most of the beaches in Singapore are more likely to be filled with families enjoying some time out in the sun than topless surfer dudes and bikini-clad girls. Sentosa is a viable option, but most are there with their friends and would rather stay in their own groups than take a stranger up on his or her invitation to hang with a new crowd.


Seeing the world through movie-tinted glasses is wondrous and fantastical, but imagining all these scenarios in your head and trying to re-enact them won’t get you very far. For the rest of us who exist in non-fiction, we have to engineer our own meet-cutes. Honestly, it’s so much easier to meet your potential future partner through joining interest groups than through simply waiting around. And there’s really no shame in that! Sure it’s not the stuff romance novels are made of, but you do get the beautiful endings without the – let’s face it – unbelievably lame storylines. If anything, romance novels are overrated anyway.

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