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This is an interview that LunchClick conducted with Valerie Lim from valloure.blogspot.sg/

LunchClick: We see loads of traveling photos of you and your boyfriend! (: Can you share with us how traveling together has helped/changed your relationship?

V: Our relationship includes our past experiences, our present and our future expectations. Planning a trip keeps us looking forward to another new experience together and is a fun way to refresh the relationship if things has been a little monotonous lately. When it comes to traveling itself, we discover more about each other (the good, bad and the ugly haha) and learn how to work better as a team, which is important in a relationship because after all, your partner is going to be your lifelong teammate. At the end of our travels, the memories shared between the two of us are always something that I look back on and smile at. They are a reminder of our journey together.


LunchClick: Can you describe what kind of partner you are in a relationship?

V: I’m an affectionate partner and I like to show my love towards my partner. I’m very supportive and want to be there for my partner every step of the way. I like to be part of his life and I enjoy being there for him to listen and offer a listening ear.


LunchClick: Do you think it’s important to have common interests and hobbies with your partner? Do you and your boyfriend have any?

V: It does help, but it’s not the most important if a couple truly enjoys spending time together. However as a couple grows, they naturally develop interests and hobbies with each other. My boyfriend and I have a few, like singing karaoke.


LunchClick: How do you strike a balance between your love life and your family/other friends?

V: I am always aware of how much time I have or have not been spending with important people in my life and if I feel that I haven’t been giving my family enough time I’ll stay home during the weekend instead of going out to meet my boyfriend. It helps that my partner fits in well with my family so I invite him along during family activities like dinners – this way I get to do both family and boyfriend time simultaneously!


LunchClick: Lastly, what is the one piece of relationship advice that you swear by?

V: Always want to and know you can be better. For your partner and for yourself.

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