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This is an interview that LunchClick conducted with June Fong who blogs at http://www.junedujour.com.

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LunchClick: Hi June, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us.

First off, what is the one quality that you value the most in your partner? Imagine that you had to do away with everything else and just be content with that one thing. What would it be?

JuneIt would have to be his unfaltering outlook on life. It’s made up of equal parts optimism, being grounded and also his easy-going nature, all of which rub off and complement my rather high-strung personality. He has been my constant cheerleader when the going gets tough, and taught me that life is what we make of it; that we should enjoy the journey rather than blindly focus on the destination.


LunchClick: On the flip side, what is an absolute deal breaker for you? 

June: I cannot stand guys who are mama-boys, guys cannot handle debates, and lastly, accidental chauvinists. I’m terribly opinionated and love a good intellectual sparring every now and then; I’ve dated some lads who would take offence whenever I called things for what they were. They would also tell me how I should behave as a woman (I once got told by a date that I shouldn’t be so liberal in thinking; needless to say, we never met again) . In this day and age, I believe we women can pay for our own dinners and don’t need anyone to validate our existences.

Most importantly, however, a man who doesn’t have a good heart turns me off. You can really see what kind of person he is when you observe how he treats his family or service staff. If he cannot show love to others, I would doubt whether he’s a person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. 


LunchClick: What is the one thing that anyone has ever done for you that has touched you the most? 

June: I think it would have to be my birthday surprise by the boyfriend. He totally pranked me good by acting as though he forgot my birthday; he even went to the extent of dressing up for work and leaving home. As I slept on (since I was on leave that day), he quietly came home with groceries to make me heart-shaped pancakes for our breakfast in bed before whisking me away to Universal Studios for the rest of the day.


LunchClick: Do you believe in finding “the one”? If so, why? If not, why not? 

JuneThis is going to sound very controversial but no, not really. I think Serendipity has a plan for us all, because I never intended to start a relationship with my current partner Ben. We had been best friends for almost 3 years and somehow we kind of made that mutual decision to make that leap one day. What happens will happen without any external influence. But I do believe in setting yourself up for the occasion! Make the effort to look attractive, never compromise the person that you are, and smile always (because you never know who could be looking!)


LunchClick: Is there anything about yourself that you think is often problematic in relationships? Would you change it if you could? 

JuneWith my strong personality, Ben tends to give in most of the time. I definitely want to change that because it can build resentment in the relationship. Because I do love and value him as an equal in this relationship, we always try to resolve things by communicating there and then rather than giving each other the cold shoulder. Basically, it’s really important to be able to compromise and accommodate without losing too much of yourself in the process; to strike that balance in order to have a healthy relationship.

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