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This is an interview that LunchClick conducted with Sharon Chia who blogs at sharonachia.com.

LunchClick: Hi Sharon, we see plenty of pictures of both you and your husband on your blog. How long have you been married for and how would you say that your life has changed since marriage?

S: I’ve been married for 1 year 2 months. Honestly speaking, I don’t think anything has changed. Prior to marriage, we were already meeting each other everyday, so now that we’re married, everything feels the same. Staying together has been almost a breeze. Perhaps, in the initial stages, we had some differences especially when it came to bathroom usage (that’s common right?) but it’s all good now.


LunchClick: Would you say that your expectations of marriage has changed now that it has actually happened? If so, how?

S: My expectations of marriage didn’t change at all. I guess it was great that we practically know each other inside-out, and we already knew our real selves prior to marriage. Therefore, it was easy for us to love each other just for who we are. Before getting married, we did speak about the mundane things like household chores, what to do and what not to do, so we’re sticking by it and loving marriage.


LunchClick: You’re always travelling to amazing looking places. How do you strike a balance between work, blogging and romance?

S: Work is definitely important, to excel in what I’m doing and giving it my all. When it’s time to get off work, I leave my work aside and spend quality time with my loved ones. My husband is always my travelling partner, so that makes it easy to indulge in some good quality time together. As for blogging, sometimes I will blog at night while my husband watches TV or plays his PS games, so we both have our so-called personal time too. This helps to balance things. At times, I will also ask him for his opinion on what I’m blogging on and he’s my best photographer because he always helps to take my OOTDs and style shots.


LunchClick: If there is one thing that will always be there to remind you of why you fell in love in the first place, what would it be?

S: Our pet bunny named Timmy. I’ve always wanted a pet but staying together with my own family made it impossible because my mum had explicitly mentioned that no pets were allowed. However, my husband, then boyfriend knew that I wanted one so much, he said, “Let’s bring one home and see how it goes.” If my mum really didn’t allow it, he would bring it back to his place and we would take care of him whenever I’m was at his place. It was like a blessing and I was really excited to get my first pet. Initially my mum pretty much kept quiet about it and didn’t bother to look at our pet at all, but after some time, she relented. Now she loves our bunny very much! So, we are like the daddy and mummy to our pet and the bunny will always remind us that we are responsible for his life and the very reason why we are together because we are committed to each other and to our pet as well.


LunchClick: If you could name one particular dimension of your relationship with your husband that makes it unique and different from that of other couples, what would it be?

S: It’s pretty much amazing but we kind of know what’s on each other’s mind almost 95% of the time. We speak the same words, we feel the same things, and we agree on most things. Even when we don’t, one of us will eventually give way and we don’t harbour ill feelings especially on more sensitive topics. Instead, we grow from the differences.

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