QUIZ: What kind of girls do you attract?

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Take the quiz to see what kind of girls do you attract!


Which of the following do you count as your favourite item of clothing?
Plaid shirt
Jogger pants
Skinny jeans
Basic tee
Jean shorts
Button down
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What would you gladly spend good money on?
A nice watch
Good food
Tech gadgets
Treating family
Your appearance
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What would be your ideal stag night (bachelor's party)?
It should involve drugs and debauchery
No stag night is complete without strippers
A night of bar and club hopping
Something chill and casual with good company
A mellow evening with a few good friends
I\'d rather be at home
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What's your best personality trait?
Funniest guy around
Smart and knowledgeable
Responsible & dependable
Born an alpha
I\'m rich, does that count?
Smooth talker
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What would your ideal bachelor's pad feature?
Rooftop pool
Chef on standby 24/7
In-house movie theatre
Waterfall with pressure jet feature
Massive library
Game room to end all game rooms
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Who's the most attractive?
Someone who can do a mean slam dunk
Someone who can out-drink you
Someone who takes her grandparents out to dinner every week
Someone who has never called in sick at work
Someone who always reflects on her actions and apologises if she\'s in the wrong
Someone who cooks every night
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Where is the best place to meet someone?
Online dating
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Are you a sporty person?
I feel weird if I don\'t get my daily dose of exercise
I often gym to keep myself fit
I run and take part in the occasional marathon
I do football and/or other sports - it\'s great!
I get active regularly, unless work prevents me
The most exercise I\'ll ever get is walking from my couch to the fridge
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What kind of girls do you attract? You are :
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