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If you’re one of those people who have always bemoaned the fact that there’s no diversity in Singapore’s shopping scene (we’re talking malls after malls with H&M, maybe a Sephora, and always a Uniqlo), you’ll love K+, a “curatorial space” which promises to shake up things.


Curated by Kinetic Singapore and hosted by Scotts Square, K+ is a multi-concept shop with a mission to uncover and promote extraordinary local talent. It hopes to act as a “Noah’s Ark” for Singapore’s art and design scene, and has banded together with 5 local companies and brands to create a sanctuary for local designers in these trying times.

Shoppers can expect to see a curated range of lifestyle products, literature, furniture and apparel from BooksActually, GoodStuph, Kinetic, Pomelo, Supermama and Tofu Design that will showcase the best of Singapore’s creative scene.

Check out K+ at Scotts Square, #03-11 from 1st July 2016 onwards!

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