Spending Patterns When You’re Single VS Attached

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They say that love doesn’t cost a thing, but is it really true?

Daily Routine




You wake up alone in bed with your face all sticky from sleep and with morning breath bad enough to commit homicide. It’s all good though, because there isn’t anyone around to be on the receiving end of it. Busy singles may just settle with skipping the shower that day. Anyone who actually comes close enough to smell you would be bordering on creepy anyway, so you might as well ward them off naturally. Think of the amount you’ll be saving on your water bill!

After work, you kick off your shoes, lounge around in an ancient, torn T-shirt and fall asleep on the couch. I bet you’ve all done this before. No, just me? Well, you get the idea. When you’re single, anything goes and your routine is done your way, everyday. You spend according to your lifestyle and if you are both busy and lazy, you won’t be making much of a dent in your bank account.


Early morning cuddling can be marred by early morning faces, so even if you guys have been together since time immemorial, have some mercy on your partner and take a shower please. Breakfast may be hurried, but once you guys reunite for dinner, that precious time between the hours after work and before sleep are used for bonding. This could mean meeting up for a bite to eat, or cooking something at home; which brings us to our next point…





Most busy singletons are usually too overwhelmed with life to focus much on meals. Eating out isn’t a notable affair: a quick run to the nearest food court for some economy rice does just the trick in providing some fast and filling grub. And cooking at home? Pfft, ain’t nobody got time for that! Microwaves are an essential (and the only) cooking tool you’ll find useful, and instant noodle meals are so common because they can be considered a complete, well-balanced meal as long as you add veggies and a little protein. SGD 0.90 for a can of beans? That’ll last me a week!


Food plays an important role in a relationship, as we humans use meal times to bond. If you guys have just started dating, there is an additional element of wanting to impress. That means fancy dinner dates and many costly nights out.

Busy couples might also opt for eating out ever so often. Couples who have crossed over into a comfort zone where they feel open enough to exhibit their culinary skills to their significant other will also feel the pinch. You will need to buy food for two now, and if your partner has a healthy appetite, you might have to spend even more! So yes, your expenses for food will increase a fair bit.





When you are single, entertainment is easy: just do whatever the heck you want! Girls can go for manicures and pedicures without having to have an impatient male wait on them, and guys can go for their weekly football meetups without having a girl impatiently wait for him to return for dinner. Gender stereotypes aside, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Watching Youtube videos of cats counts as entertainment, and it’s completely free


Well, being a couple can be just as fun! Couples tend to engage in more ambitious activities because you know that you will always have someone there to support you and share the experience with. However, you guys will have to find activities you both enjoy doing together, since embarking on individual pursuits doesn’t exactly make good bonding time. Being a couple also means double the price for any activity you might want to partake in. From movie dates and staycations, to couple’s kiteboarding lessons; if you plan on embarking on an adventure together to keep yourselves entertained, it’s gonna be on the pricey side.

Long distance relationships




Well if you’re single, you’re off the hook!


Being in a long distance relationship is an extremely difficult position that some people have to face. What you spend on this is mostly your emotional energy and time trying to keep in contact, yet having to face the daily frustration and loneliness of not having your better half physically present. While there are options to communicate like Skype and Facetime, sometimes, you might risk a phonecall or two when internet is scarce just to hear their voice. More material costs also include sending care packages abroad, and travelling expenses incurred from having to travel between two countries for short stays.





Your solo status gives you the luxury of having full control of all hours in your day. Even when at work or when meeting up with friends, you are still in the driver’s seat with your time, crafting a schedule that suits you and you alone.


You now function as part of a unit rather than an individual piece. You will have precious little time to yourself unless you expressly plan for it. Anything from leisurely activities to spur of the moment adventures, will now have to be planned and vetted by another. To be in a relationship is to give up your own time to take into account your partners. But that being said, none of this is a bad thing. Love is a choice and any time spent is also a conscious decision made on your part. Mostly, what you get in return is something that you will cherish more than having extra time to yourself to watch cat videos. In return, you get the other’s love, affection, company, and physical presence. Out of all the points we have stated, time is the one thing that you spend the most and it has no monetary value. However, time is also the one thing that actually matters the most. Giving up your precious time willingly for the sake of the other is priceless and possibly the most valuable thing you can give.

So that being said, we can clearly assert that love does indeed cost a quite a bit! However, the benefits truly do outweigh the cost. Everyone (even those who are cynical and scornful of romance!) needs a little love in their lives and would give up more that they can imagine, whether monetary or not, in the pursuit of it. If you are single and ready to invest a little in a relationship, try LunchClick! This local app provides a fun and effective way to meet singles and propose dates. It’s safe, reliable, and best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing! Sign up today to try it out now!


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