20 Stylish Singaporean Instagram Babes We Have a Girl Crush On

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Stylish Singaporean Intagram babes

Drool Over Your IG Feed by Following These 20 Stylish Singaporean Instagram Babes

Singaporeans are bona fide Instagram mavens – or, at least, that’s what my experience people-watching on public transport tells me. It’s no wonder that our social media stalking skills have been honed to near perfection. But stalking the same few stylish Singaporean Instagram babes means that you don’t get as much style inspiration as you would have if you cast a wider net. So it’s probably time for you to follow a few more of these Singaporean beauties.

Singaporean Fashion Instagram influencer @CherieZeng

Name: Cherie Chan
Best feature: We are in love with her flawless porcelain skin.
What we love about her: As a self-proclaimed fashion devotee, Cherie sure inspires us with her simple, almost monochromatic, yet undeniably chic style.
Claim to fame: Not only is she a fashion blogger, Cherie also has her own YouTube channel, where her haul videos garner the most views.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheriezeng/
Blog: http://cheriezeng.blogspot.sg/

Singaporean Instagram babe @ericalohh

Name: Erica Loh
Best feature: Her V-shaped face that makes her look photogenic at every angle.
What we love about her: This girl’s not afraid to let loose and be silly. Plus, she isn’t the kind of Instagrammer whose every post is a boring selfie.
Claim to fame: Erica rose to fame through her Instagram account with her aesthetically-pleasing shots.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ericalohh/

Instagram influencer from Singapore, @bunbun

Name: Juli (Bunbun)
Best feature: Her eyebrows – they are always so well-defined!
What we love about her: You may remember Juli from her facial saga, and what we truly admire about her is her resilience in the face of extremely unpleasant events. Juli refused to publish the name of the facial salon that caused her massive allergic breakout, and that’s something we can respect – she shows herself to be considerate in the midst of such a traumatic event.
Claim to fame: The beauty blogger’s horrible facial experience was not without a silver lining – it at least directed a lot more traffic to her blog, since major news outlets picked up on her story.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bunbunmakeuptips/
Blog: http://www.bunbunmakeuptips.com/

Stylish Singaporean Instagram babes @ulimali

Name: Uli Chan
Best feature: We love Uli’s toned arms, and she knows how to show them off!
What we love about her: This self-professed vintage and music lover’s rocker-chic, music-festival aesthetic is drool-worthy, and she can always be counted on for a bombardment of style inspiration.
Claim to fame: Uli’s fashion blog won Best Fashion Blog under Singapore Press Holdings Singapore Blog Awards 2015.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ulimali/
Blog: http://ulimali.blogspot.sg/

Guan Min, Singapore

Name: Guan Min
Best feature: We’re not sure if it’s expert contouring or genetics, but either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Min’s cheekbones always look incredibly chiselled in her photos.
What we love about her: Min’s style is just so out there. It’s avant-garde, it’s bold, and we love her for having the ability and creativity to pull all those outfits off – us mere mortals can only dream of doing the same.
Claim to fame: Min rose to fame through her Instagram page, where you get to admire all her beautiful outfits.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girlwhocriedwolf/

@masturahkay Fashion influencer from Singapore

Name: Masturah Khalid
Best feature: I personally love her moon-shaped face. It’s just so adorable!
What we love about her: This girl basically oozes taste. As a budding fashion designer, she styles herself impeccably. But beyond that, she always comes across as genuine and unpretentious in her posts.
Claim to fame: Masturah was featured in Sassy Singapore as an up-and-coming fashion designer and a huge style inspiration.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masturahkay/
Blog: http://www.masturahkay.com/

stylish Singaporean Instagram babes, Carrie Sim

Name: Carrie Sim
Best feature: I may be the only one who feels this way, but I have a huge thing for beauty marks, and I am particularly in love with the location of Carrie’s. Apparently, it identifies her as a classic beauty.
What we love about her: Carrie’s informative blog is so addictive. You can just spend hours on end clicking through everything, and getting the must-know details on beauty and skincare products, as well as foodie places.
Claim to fame: You must check out Carrie’s lifestyle blog – after all, that’s the reason she’s popular on the blogosphere!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carriesim/
Blog: http://carriesim.com/

fitspo Singaporean Instagram babe Kelyn Lau

Name: Kelyn Lau
Best feature: Her hot bod is enviable. The fact that she is a bikini competition veteran should stand testament to that!
What we love about her: She is amazing #fitspo, and constantly encourages her followers to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Claim to fame: She got her start participating in bikini competitions, and soon became featured on sports blogs and fitness websites.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelynlau/
Blog: http://ihateworm.blogspot.sg/

Sue Mainey, Singapore IG influencer

Name: Sue Mainey
Best feature: Is it odd to say her nose? It’s so delicate and sharp, and complements the rest of her features well.
What we love about her: She’s very active on ask.fm, and answers all the questions her followers have been dying to know about her occupation and other parts of her life. She occasionally doles out relationship advice as well!
Claim to fame: With her classic good looks, is it any wonder this SQ air stewardess quickly amasses followers?
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smainey/

Stylish Singaporean Instagram babe, Nicole Ong

Name: Nicole Ong
Best feature: Her megawatt smile.
What we love about her: Nicole’s insightful side is best observed through her short, profound blog posts. Those snapshots of her thoughts really make us relate to her!
Claim to fame: Nicole’s popularity definitely grew through her Instagram account. She now has an Instagram following of almost 5,000.
Instagram: http://instagram.com/niqohlvictoria/
Blog: http://niqohlvictoria.tumblr.com/

Stylish Singaporean Instagram babes @jitterhaps

Name: Charlene Tan
Best feature: Her high cheekbones – we’re so jealous!
What we love about her: Her cool-girl vibe. Charlene has a certain je ne sais quoi to her, and that aura is only amplified by her style and how she rarely smiles in photos.
Claim to fame: She’s been featured on the Singapore Fitness Hotties Instagram page.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jitterhaps/

Singaporean Instagram influencer Elynn Koh

Name: Elynn Koh
Best feature: We can’t choose between her flawless complexion and her doe eyes, so we’ll go with both.
What we love about her: She is a perfect example of how it is possible to regain the body you had before motherhood. She gives us all hope.
Claim to fame: Elynn got her start through modelling, but it looks like she has since retired from the scene to focus on taking care of her son. She’s definitely still active on Instagram though!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elynnkoh/

Makeup and beauty Instagram influencer from Singapore, Angeline Zhang

Name: Angeline Zhang
Best feature: Her brows – whether they are natural or pencilled in, they are always on point.
What we love about her: She’s basically the Singaporean version of Kylie Jenner. Her makeup always looks fantastic, and we love her normcore sense of style.
Claim to fame: With Angeline’s Instagram posts of drool-worthy travel shots and perfect selfies, it’s no wonder she rose through the Instagram social ranks.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xangelinezhangx/

Clarice Yeo is a stylish Singaporean Instagram fitness influencer

Name: Clarice Yeo
Best feature: Clarice makes no secret of her athletic lifestyle, and she’s got the body to show for it. She’s also been blessed with an hourglass figure, and her curves and toned muscles are a lethal combination.
What we love about her: This girl is not just a pretty face! She’s currently pursuing a degree in medicine. Her ability to balance her academic workload with pursuing other passions without compromising her social life is so astounding and motivational.
Claim to fame: Clarice is another one who found fame through Instagram selfies.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clarice.xx/

MUA @KatherineLiang Instagram influencer

Name: Katherine Liang
Best feature: Her wide eyes, most definitely.
What we love about her: She is family-oriented, and constantly posts pictures of her family members. She reminds us all to spend a little more time with our loved ones!
Claim to fame: Katherine does the occasional photoshoot.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katherineliang/

Nicole Lee, female IG influencer from Singapore

Name: Nicole Lee
Best feature: Her million-dollar smile!
What we love about her: Her articles, which can be found on her blog and The Smart Local. This active girl who’s always on the go is never hesitant to share what places to go and what to do in Singapore.
Claim to fame: Nicole was propelled to fame by being one of The Smart Local’s top contributors.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minicolee/
Blog: http://www.minicolee.com/

Grace Quek, IG influencer

Name: Grace Quek
Best feature: We really can’t point to one because the most striking thing about her is how gentle and soft all her facial features are.
What we love about her: Armed with a risque sense of style and an array of outstanding makeup looks, Grace’s Instagram feed is never boring. Shopaholics can indulge in her haul photos, or live vicariously through her seemingly endless wardrobe. Makeup addicts can feed their obsession through watching her try out different products and looks.
Claim to fame: Grace earned her spot in the limelight through her interesting Instagram videos and relatable snapshots of her life.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/9racequek/

female IG influencer from Singapore @melisloveee

Name: Melissa Lim
Best feature: Her radiant complexion.
What we love about her: She’s so vivacious, and always smiling! Has all the time she spent in the sun cultivated a sunny disposition? Is this a byproduct of her cheerleader background? We guess we’ll never know, but in any case, her smile never fails to brighten up our day when she appears on our feed.
Claim to fame: This gorgeous cheerleader was featured in FHM in January 2015.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melisloveee/

Stylish Singaporean Instagram babes @alethiatoh

Name: Alethia Toh
Best feature: Her eyes, slanted upwards at the corners, add a sort of sultriness to her look.
What we love about her: This foodie-fashionista is so easy to relate to, and that allows us to better appreciate her inspirational Instagram captions.
Claim to fame: Alethia models, acts as talent at roadshows and events, and has even starred in the Satay by The Bay TV Commercial!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alethiatoh/

Stylish Singaporean Instagram babes @jwennn

Name: Jermane
Best feature: We know narrow, single-lidded eyes aren’t conventionally attractive by Asian norms, but on Jermane they just work. In fact, they add character to her face, and make her look like the sort of girl who’s down for anything and whom you want to get to know.
What we love about her: Petite girls out there can look to her for style inspiration. But more than that, her photos just make her seem like an incredibly fun person. She’s the sort of girl you’d want to hang out in cool cafes and take #OOTDs with.
Claim to fame: This recent Singapore Polytechnic graduate already has almost 3,000 Instagram followers, and is sure to gain an even greater following with her gorgeous, scenic photos.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jwennn/

Stay tuned for another 20 stylish Singaporean Instagram babes to follow…

With so many new Instagram accounts to follow, and so many style icons to use as inspiration, you’ll never find yourself stuck in a style rut again. These babes aren’t just great for style inspiration, they are also known for being friendly, warm, creative, intelligent and entrepreneurial individuals. So make sure you check out their posts to get a peek inside their minds, and see precisely why we’re girl-crushing so hard on them.


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