The Four Soulmates You’ll Hopefully Meet In Your Life

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We think about love a lot. We think of how we share the world with 7 billion souls but in our lives; in this life, we barely encounter a fraction of them. Within the handful that come into our life’s existence, we love even less that pass through.

We should think of our unmeasured capacity to love as a garden. People dance into our lives like unmarked seeds scattered on our soil. And with the help of nature and enough nurture, will grow slowly but surely. We don’t know just yet what flora and fauna my garden of life will display, but patience is key. We should make sure to give as much love as our souls can muster. And our love will pay off, this I know.


In this garden, in this life, I am certain there is no one definitive soulmate. How can a flower stay upright in all its pride and glory forever? In its beauty lies a tinge of sadness that it will one day return to the ground. Our connections with souls are the same. They bloom to stand the trials of time, and then they wither.

Then another grows in its place.

This is a continuous process and in seasons of life we will find not just one, but many soulmates to tide us through rough waters and calm waves.


We all have our own gardens to grow, but here are some common connections that grow in each of our lives.

#1: The Other Gardener


This soulmate isn’t a plant you grew, but another gardener. Simply put, it’s you, just copied and pasted in another body. An extension of yourself, this soulmate intrigues you because you’ve never met anyone just like you.

Equally weird sense of humor, same palates when you meet up for lunch dates and even the same taste in men, this friendship is unparalleled. You don’t have to make excuses when you bail you don’t even have to explain- she understands. When you need someone to chill with, they are in the mood for chilling. How about a party? They’re game. There’s an inexplicable silent form of communication that settles comfortably and nestles itself in your life. You’re having the time of your life, with yourself, but not really.

#2: The Big Tree


This soulmate keeps you grounded, keeps you sane. He/she is vastly different from you and it forms a complementary relationship. You go to this soulmate when you’ve screwed up and there’s no shame in that because she’s made for your screw-ups. Legit advice is given, and in this person, warmth and comfort is found. As strong as an oak tree, you lean on her to grow. She’s just always there, standing tall and strong whenever you need her.

You can even dump a treehouse-sized problem and it’s okay, she’s there for you. You are Pocahontas and she’s Grandmother Willow. You are Scout Finch and she’s the tree in which you leave precious items and go back to. Need I say more?

Life is tough, so grow a tree!

#3: The rose with thorns


Soulmate (ˈsəʊlmeɪt/)


A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner

I guess it’s pretty safe to say we’re all familiar with this revolutionized idea of a soulmate, as a lover. Like a rose, this soulmate is the most beautiful and outstanding flower in your garden. You’re eager to show it off and you take special care of it. A rose has its thorns, like all trials and tribulations in a relationship. But it still brings you joy and love.

The bond of a soulmate who is your lover is indescribable. Many songs, poems and stories have been written about how it is “lucky” to date your best friend. It really is. You share a lifelong commitment with a lover and in more ways than one. We’re all attracted to the fireworks, the fluttering of butterflies and finally the dwindling peace of a slow flickering flame when it comes to falling in love. You may have to prepare to get your heart torn once or twice when looking for the right rose but just remember that the right rose is looking for you too.

#4: New Seeds


Anyone can be your soulmate if you share that special connection. Your dad, your mom, your sister or your brother. Always be open to new friendships because you never know what may sprout from them. We as humans co-exist and depend on each other for survival. Even if there’s a vast majority of people you haven’t met, it doesn’t mean you have less chances of meeting soulmates because there are endless possibilities of soulmates that can walk with you in life.

Some may leave and some may stay, but that’s just part of the process of growing up. All you need is to sow a seed of friendship with trust, nurtured with laughter and tears that will eventually grow into loyalty and love. People are attracted to positive vibes and if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely (-Roald Dahl). Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t found any soulmates yet. You just have to keep on going in life spreading love and joy to people around you.

You’ll eventually sow a good seed and find a soulmate.


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