The Game Of Thrones characters, ranked in order of dateability!

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Spoiler alert: If you have not watched season six of Game of Thrones at all because you are waiting for the entire season to be out so you can binge watch everything at one go (I salute your restraint), then DO NOT READ THIS.

For the rest of you GoT fans, I’m sure you’ve got your favourite male characters. And yes, alas, many of the swoon-inducing men are already dead. Let’s not dwell on them. Instead, let’s round up the main male characters who are still alive, and see how they stack up against our dateability meter.

(Note: If you realise, most of the surviving men have some sort of physical handicap, so we’re putting that aside and judging them solely on their character as portrayed on the show. Enjoy!)


Tommen Baratheon: 1/10

King Tommen, current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms – that status is what gets him this one point. Apart from that, he’s weak, too easily manipulated, and doesn’t have a mind of his own. And he turns his back on his own mother. No way.


Petyr Baelish, AKA Littlefinger: 3/10

Baelish is a good-looking dude, but he’s way too sneaky. You never know which side he’s really on, and he always looks like he has some scheme up his sleeve. If you date him, you’ll always be on guard. Plus, his nickname is Littlefinger. Seriously? Stay away.


Theon Greyjoy: 5/10

Unfortunately physically mutilated and emotionally traumatised, he’s nonetheless going through his journey of redemption. Him backing his sister for the throne shows that he’s not a male chauvinist and is supportive of women being strong, independent individuals.


Jaime Lannister: 6/10

Discounting the facts that he’s missing a hand and had committed incest with his sister, he is still a loving father, and easy on the eyes. However, his air of confidence has faded significantly since losing his hand. It seems his glory days are behind him. Let’s face it, a man without much confidence is just not very attractive.


Tyrion Lannister: 7/10

On the other hand, this Lannister shines brightly. Yes, he’s a dwarf. But he’s also highly intelligent, has some of the best lines in the show, and loves a good time. His sharp wit gives him an edge over his brother when it comes to attractiveness.


Samwell Tarly: 8/10

Tarly is the nicest, sweetest man on the show. Despite being better at academics than physical combat, he will rise up, and kill the scariest monsters (in his case, a White Walker) to save Gilly, the woman he loves. Fiercely protective of her, he even finds the courage to stand up to his father who disrespects her.


Sandor Clegane: 8/10

Physically intimidating to look at, but arguably the most manly man on the show. He did some terrible things in the past as The Hound when he was bodyguard to King Joffrey, but he actually has a strong conscience, and fights to protect the weak. Definitely a man you want by your side.


Bran Stark: 9/10

His lower body may be paralysed, but he’s just inherited pretty much the wisdom of the world – and there are very few things sexier than profound wisdom. He also has prophetic visions, and can definitely read your mind and know what it takes to make you happy.


Jon Snow: 11/10

Ahhh. Jon Snow. People, even the wildlings, look up to him as the leader. He inspires a loyal following, and is the quintessential alpha male who will captain your relationship and take care of you. Plus, he’s gorgeous. And he came back from the dead. Need we say more?

Does this ranking come close to the one you have in mind? Who are your top and bottom choices? Share what you think with us!


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