The pros and cons of having a romantic fling overseas

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We all travel to open our eyes, and seek new experiences. Especially if you plan to travel alone, you will be talking to strangers (unless it’s a silent retreat), and may even end up catching the eye of an interesting someone who makes your heart pound. What do you do then? It won’t last, you tell yourself. But. Ah, there’s always a but. Here’s a list of the potential pros and cons to help you wrap your head around this crazy idea of having a romantic fling overseas.


Pro: Pleasure. Pure pleasure.

What’s better than the thrill of travelling somewhere new? Meeting someone new. And combined, thrill-seeking just doesn’t get any better. We’re talking butterflies-in-the-stomach on turbo. The very air you breathe feels electric with the potential of romance. This rush makes you feel alive like nothing else can.

Con: Itinerary? What itinerary?

When you meet that interesting stranger that you just can’t get enough of, you might find your carefully planned list of sightseeing locations flying out the window. Suddenly, visiting a cool, obscure museum just isn’t as important anymore as staring into your fling’s eyes at a dingy bar.


Pro: Instant travel companion.

The fun you have while travelling solo is doubled when you have someone beside you to talk about how awesome the whole experience is. Plus, your companion can help you take pictures, and probably knows the place better than you do – and that includes the best spots to eat, drink, and have fun!

Con: It could be a scam.

This is a practical concern. Love scams are a real thing, and anyone can fall prey to them. So watch your wallet, and if your fling starts to bring up a family crisis that requires a huge loan, run the other way. Also, be careful that this romantic fling doesn’t escalate into him/her wanting to come home with you, that is, move into your house and sponge off you forever.


Pro: No strings attached.

It’s an unspoken rule that there’s no obligation to make a fling last beyond your vacation. And because it comes with a foreseeable expiry date, both of you will focus on having the best possible time together. No time for petty disagreements!

Con: Potential heartbreak.

Most flings don’t last. It works perfectly when you are on vacation because it’s noncommittal, and doesn’t require the full commitment of a long-term relationship. But even though it’s a no-strings-attached arrangement, we can’t fully control our heart. Saying goodbye can hurt, especially if you left a little piece of yourself there.

Nonetheless, having a romantic fling overseas will make for some pretty epic memories. Whenever someone brings up Santorini even 10 years after your trip, you can be sure you’ll still be grinning like the Cheshire cat, just reminiscing about the good times with a certain special someone. So go forth, have fun, but keep your wits about you!


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