This is when you know for sure that you’re going to break up

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You still remember when you first met. The butterflies in your stomach, the electrical charge in the air that made your skin tingle, how you almost couldn’t breathe because of the adrenaline rushing through your body, making everything seem topsy turvy. But now, you struggle to hold on to that feeling. Because frankly, every day has become kind of… dare you say it, bland. Forgettable. You can feel yourself starting to panic. Is it over already?  

Plateaus = a sign of doom?


Whatever happened to the thrilling excitement you used to feel before every date? Remember when you first found out you both had the same weird habit of dipping your McDonald’s breakfast hash brown into maple syrup, then smearing garlic chili all over it? That had been the defining moment for you. You were sure you had found your soulmate.

You fell into a good groove. Every Friday night was date night. Every Sunday was brunch at a hipster café. Your partner became the person you spoke to the most, and you even started picking up each other’s lingo. “Going for yoga” became “going for yogurt” – no reason to it.

But suddenly, it hits you. You are just going through the motions, as if on autopilot.   

Every Friday night is movie night at Great World City. Every Sunday? Brunch at the same café. You never go anywhere or do anything new anymore. And this scares you. But should it? Being able to maintain a comfortable groove is actually more precious than it sounds. You know what, many couples never find this groove – instead, they fight half the time, and spend the other half trying to mend the relationship.

Sometimes you crave what you don’t have. You look at couples who go through passionate, dramatic ups and downs, and envy them. But what exactly is it that you envy?

What do you really want?


What was it that first attracted you to your partner? Maybe it was his ability to make everyone laugh with his jokes. Perhaps it was the way she carried herself, full of bright, cheery confidence. Is your partner still the person you fell in love with? And are these the qualities you still like about them?

It takes time to really get to know someone. Especially to get to know yourself. To complicate things further, what you want can change as you go through life. You used to have the biggest crush on the cool bad boy in school. But now, you want someone who’s at the top of their career, an ultra serious, high-performing professional. In the future? You may want someone more easygoing and relaxed. Do you see where this is going?

But hey, everyone changes. Regardless of personality shifts, our character doesn’t change much. So take a long, deep look inside yourself. This is about finding a lifetime partner. You can’t choose the family you were born into, but you can choose your future spouse. So be absolutely honest with yourself when you make this choice. Choose a partner for the right reasons, someone whom you can get along with, weather changes with, and still stay a couple, no matter what.


Very often, two individuals are both wonderful people, but together, they just don’t fit. The initial exhilaration fades away and the daily chemistry no longer kicks in, no matter how hard you work at it. Attraction is weird like that. In fact, the harder you force it to work, the worse it gets.

But only you know whether this is really the case in your relationship. It takes two to keep the embers warm in a relationship. Do you care enough to make an effort for the both of you, to stoke the fire and make sure it continues burning? Only you have the answer.


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