What Makes A Guy Irresistible (According To Singaporean Women)

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Haven’t you ever wished you could get inside a woman’s head for a day? What are they thinking about, and more importantly, why do they fall head over heels with some men, but are utterly disinterested in others? We worked the ground for you and got some responses from local women about what makes a guy irresistible – read on to find out more!

Wearing cologne

“I have this embarrassing habit of subconsciously following people who smell great, but thankfully I always manage to catch myself before I become a full-blown stalker. I guess you could call it a chemical trail of attractiveness.”

– Mindy, 30, Teacher

Touching her hair



“A shiver goes down my spine whenever a guy reaches to brush my hair out of my eyes or even when he just touches it softly. I’ve read somewhere that this biological response evolved from how primates used to groom one another, signifying affection. Not the most romantic of origins, but it still gives me butterflies in my stomach!”

– Jenny, 24, Financial Consultant.

Being open minded

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“Definitely open-mindedness. I don’t want to be with someone who’s narrow minded and constantly judging other people, not because the way they’re living is necessarily incorrect, but because it’s different from how he thinks that things should be.”

– Sharine, 22, Nurse.

Getting Disney References



“We, as girls, have all been brought up on a diet of Disney and fairytales, so when you meet a guy who understands the tiny part of you that’s still a hardcore romantic and idealist, it’s like hitting the romantic jackpot!”

– Diyana, 19, Student.

Being self-assured and calm in stressful situations



I cannot stress how attractive this quality is. When people around him are shouting and getting frazzled, he’s just there to help everyone get through the storm. That’s when you know that he’ll be the steady constant in your life.

– Min Yee, 21, Customer Service Officer

“Accidental” skinship



“Whether accidental or non-accidental, the few seconds of skinship always leaves me breathless. It’s silly, I know, but even the brushing of hands when he passes me a drink makes me blush.”

– Sarah, 20, student

Ballroom Dancing



“Sorry y’all, I’m a Dirty Dancing kind of girl, not a Step Up Revolution chick.”

– Veronica, 34, Self-employed

The old school gentlemanly charm



“This is hard to define, but it really could be a combination of any number of things: a five o’clock shadow, holding doors open for me, allowing me to place my order first… Corny I know, but it makes me feel like he’s constantly looking out for me.”

– Lydia, 28, Lawyer

Men In Uniform




– Avery, 26, Pharmacist

Based on responses, it seems that the inside matters just as much as the outside. All the best in your journey to find companionship and love! By the way, we’d love to hear what else makes a man irresistible to you. Do drop us a comment below!

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