Why Christmas is the best time to finally meet his/her parents

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So you’ve started seeing someone new, and you’re wondering when you’ll get to meet their parents. You’re probably worried about making a good first impression too. Well, use this Christmas season to get to know your significant other’s family! For these reasons, Christmas is, hands down, the best time to do so.

1. It’s the gift-giving season!


Should I bring a gift for the introduction? Are gifts too formal? What would their parents like? Having your partner introduce you to their parents during Christmas means no more frantic worrying about these questions! Since it’s Christmas, of course you should bring a gift. And there is such a variety of seasonal gifts on display right now! You can buy something Christmas-themed, or even just bring a log cake. Every small intention counts.

2. It’s an excuse to meet in a non-intimate setting


If it’s excruciating to think of sitting at a restaurant and worrying about what cutlery to use while your significant other’s parents try to make polite small talk with you, then you will be much better off meeting the folks during Christmas. It’s a time for family, which means that friends and relatives will be over as well. Instead of enjoying the scrutinising and undivided attention of his/her parents, you now get to mingle in a group instead, which will surely take the pressure off.

3. You get to make occasion-specific small talk that doesn’t sound awkward.


Thankfully, Christmas comes with its own lingo: Going anywhere for the holidays? Do you throw such an incredible Christmas party every year? This beats stilted questions about occupations, education histories and what not. If you luck out, you may even get to hear an embarrassing story or two about some Christmas related event from your partner’s childhood!

4. It’s a time of cheer!


This means his/her parents are likely to be in a far merrier and more jovial mood, which means they will be much more laidback about your slip ups! Be careful though, don’t imbibe more than you should or get carried away. This is still the first time you’re meeting them, no matter how familiar they may seem after a glass or eight of red wine.

5. It provides you with a ready-made excuse to head off early, if things don’t go as well as expected.


So this didn’t actually turn out to be a party. You find yourself at a sit down dinner with his family, and his parents are both scrutinising your every move. You bought wine for the occasion, only to find that his parents don’t drink. Well, at least Christmas gives you an excuse to head off early, under the pretext that your family really wants you home for your own celebrations.

There you have it! Christmas truly gives you a more anxiety-free opportunity to meet your significant other’s parents. Just remember to still be on your best behaviour; while they may be more forgiving, they won’t be completely oblivious to your mistakes if you make too many of them!


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