Why Getting Into A Relationship Will Very Possibly Make You Chubby

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Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It’s true. In fact, there’s no other feeling that even comes close to the butterflies you get in your tummy when you see your loved one smile, or the warmth that creeps up your chest when you feel their touch on their skin. Love is amazing. Which is why sometimes, it’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that being in love can make you…how should I put it across gently…make your gut extend to previously unachieved lengths, or make your arms a little flabbier than you remember. 

Being in love makes you fat. It’s not a bad thing, but there has been a general correlation between falling for someone and putting on pounds. For the disbelievers, here are a few reasons why:


1. You don’t need to look ULTRA good anymore

The thing about falling in love is that your heart belongs to someone. You’ve already found someone that loves you for more than just appearances. And since the outside doesn’t matter as much as it used to be, it’s time to let loose and indulge in the cookies, the ice cream and the chips. Afterall, it’s the inside that counts and a man who ditches you just because you’ve put on a few pounds doesn’t really love you that much. A few extra fries at the dinner table won’t hurt and while you’re at it, replace the side salad with a baked potato. It’s great to have someone love not just you, but also your love handles. 


2. More date nights = more face stuffing

Can you remember the last time you went out for a date that didn’t involve food? Heck, even watching a movie involves clutching popcorn in one hand and a giant soda in another. More date opportunities=more food opportunities, that’s why it’s almost impossible to control your diet while you’re in a successful relationship. Sunday morning brunches, late afternoon cafe hoppings and travelling around the island looking for interesting establishments to wine and dine in—reality is harsh and love is a breeding ground for overeaters. We can all try to eat healthy while dating, but honestly? Dinner for 2 means an opportunity to order more food to share!


3. You’re feeling happy

Happy people are the biggest eaters. That’s why people in love tend to eat more. Some people tend to binge eat when they’re sad or stressed, but studies have shown that being happy leads to more eating and thus, weight gain. There’s nothing that feels better than being in love…that’s why ice cream tubs keep appearing in the fridges and your waistline keeps expanding. Especially when there’s someone to keep you company when you’re camped in front of the television with chips and cookies as companions. Sad ice-cream makes everything better, but when it comes to level of yumminess, happy-i’m-in-love ice-cream tastes the best.


4. You never eat alone

Research has shown that eating with someone else makes you consume 33% more food than you would when you’re alone. Being in love means the chances of you heading out to have a solo meal decreases. Also, while you’re out there sweet talking, you naturally spend more time at the dinner table and end up eating more too. There’s no escape, really. Have you ever tried refusing food when you’re dining out with someone else (especially someone you fancy)? It’s almost impossible to refuse, so just go with the flow and indulge more. You’ll have alone time soon and that’ll be plenty of time to exercise…right?


5. No eyes for exercise

Being in love means you want to spend ALL (if not most) of your time with your partner. That means doing stuff that can be done in pairs. While there are some forms of exercise and fitness activities that allow for couples to spend some quality time together, it’s pretty hard to keep a conversation going when both parties are trying to catch their breath, am I right? Also, it’s more romantic to be cuddling on a couch, catching a DVD while allowing hands to roam while eating popcorn. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for couples heading out for an intense session of pilates…but there’s just something not so appealing about sweaty bodies, heaving chests and sore muscles when it’s not in the bedroom.


6. You care about each other too much

Have you ever had your grandmother ask you to eat more even though you’ve almost singlehandedly polished off all the food on the dinner table? Like grandmothers, couples in love care about each other too much to let their other halves go hungry. That means asking if you need a snack every 30 minutes, or ensuring you have a meal every 45 minutes. There’s no way you’ll let each other starve to lose weight, so that plan of eating 2 days and starving for 3 to shed some kilos can go straight down the kitchen drain. Concern is great, and it makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside. But it also comes with a side effect of being a little chubbier than usual.

There’s nothing wrong in putting on weight when you’re in love. After all, letting yourself loose and indulging in some much needed food therapy can do wonders for your mental well-being and for your relationship. Just remember that as with everything, a balance should be achieved. Learn to enjoy dates by eating comfortably and making each other happy, but don’t forget to keep fit too. They say working out together can help couples learn more about each other and build strong and long lasting relationships!


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